Friday, August 31, 2012

Risks when riding on gravel roads

I guess it's time to share with you the little accident we had.

Besides all my best efforts to have the luggage secured and tight to the bike, one bag got loose and fell off. Of course, it was the bag with all the kitchen gear in. To make things real bad, the bag remained hanging behind the bike on strap. Instead of just falling off and waiting to be picked up, I dragged the bag with few for several hundred meters before I noted it. The results are here:

This is how a bag looks like after pulling behind the bike for several hundreds of meters.

Eating pots were banged together and it took raw force to pull them apart

Even the coffee went

totally demolished Winnie the Pooh SIGG bottle - still tight! (it contained rum to give my new kuksa a proper start)

banged and leaking cartridges

Dismantled mixer

Plenty of more went totally or partially broken. All together the damage was far over 400EUR of value. An expensive and good lesson for me :-o

Of course, Milady tried to hint me that the bag fell off and waved heavily (so she said). I did not noticed a thing as I was focused on the street. Well, since she was waving, she had only one hand on the steering bar and this is not too healthy when riding gravel roads. Now she knows that also. I only look occasionally into the back mirror and if I do not see her, then I stop and maybe I go back to look for her - as I did in this case .... still pulling the bag behind me :D

~ Wolfi

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