Our Family

Look at the intro to see what happened in the past and what is coming in the future....

Wolfgang / Wolfi
  • Born in Saarland, Germany and emigrated '93
  • I like good food ("Hauptsach gudd gess") and dark beer
  • My favorite sport is Ju-Jutsu and related weapons
  • Engineer and main mechanic in the family
  • Love to build things (can now spend my energy in the sidecar project and learning to fix our bikes)
  • A topic which is close to my heart reveals in me cheer unlimited amount of energy and enthusiasm (warning: energy level might be hazardous to others)
  • Vegetarian since 2009, vegan since 2010

The rest has left the building in 2019 ...

Skippy a.k.a. Ilta Satu
  • Finnish from nationality, but not really a traditional Finn... Fluent in English and German goes rather well
  • Karate is one of my biggest passions and has been basically my lifestyle since 1992! First decade Goyu ryu and now Wado ryu
  • Love all sorts of other sports too, like running, swimming and dancing, just can't stay still for too long...
  • Vegetarian/vegan since 1999 and fruitarian (80/10/10 low fat raw vegan) since 03/2013
  • Biking license got on September 2006 and instantly bought my Suzi, which was love at first sit! <3
  • Kind of a hippie, a bit artistic, musical and a real film geek ;)
  • The cook of the family! Love inventing new recipes, especially raw food stuff :)
  • Passionate gardener and will try to invent someways to do it on the road as well...
  • p.s. Suzi was sold in Costa Rica, and Skippy got a car (Mazda) for a few months.
  • Poodle mix
  • 2000 - 21.11.2014 (we rescued her 2011)
  • mom's guardian!
  • loved pillows and snored as hell!
  • A real vegetarian by nature! Loved carrots, turnips, beetroots, apples... you name it!
  • True sidecar-enthusiast!


  • Bichon Frise - Miniature Poodle mix
  • born 2005 (RIP 2019)
  • about 5kg
  • the great 'lumberjack'!
  • loves to hunt leaves
  • indoors only balls are fine toys!
  • apples and pears are great delicacies


  • Toy Poodle
  • born 2008
  • about 1.5kg
  • frisbee geek, the bigger the better!
  • the boss of the gang, eventhough is the smallest!
  • makes cat, frog and chicken noises :)


  • Terrier mix
  • born about 2014 and we adopted him 2015
  • about 4.5kg
  • Ball freak, jumps like a gazelle
  • the man in the house
  • curled tail


  1. Hi, We met walking the dogs yesterday in Las Vegas. Love your story and would like to meet you again, you're so interesting :-) Erica, Buck's Mum

  2. And the adventure begins! Yesterday it was about time: our Beto - he's now called Peto (which is the Finnish translation for 'the beast') - started with his new family on his journey around the world by motorcycle. Two years they are already on the road, from now on accompanied by little Peto. We hope to get from him - virtually as our Animales Atenas mascot and Animal Welfare Ambassador - regular reports. Skippy & Wolfi, heartfelt thanks for all your support during your stay in Atenas! We wish you all many great impressions and good luck on your way ahead! We are delighted to know our Peto in excellent caring hands, surrounded by the lovely furry girls Lyra and Ultu! What a life…!

    1. Thanks for the flowers. The fun was really on our side!
      So much I can tell already now, Peto really enjoys sniffing around in new areas. He can't get enough and he is everytime totally excited when he notices it is time for another walk :D
      The little furry one is Ulpu - not Ultu ;)

  3. You could of course be nice and tell in this your new chapter that why I sold my bike!? I didn't do it just for fun! All those things I did just for my girls!!!

  4. Hi Wolfi and Ilta,
    Just found this blog. Ilta, I miss you on FB, please come back!
    Taryn (Vegan Cafe)

    1. Hi Taryn, nice to hear from you! Hope you enjoy this blog of our past adventures :)

      Facebook doesn't have anything meaningful to offer me anymore and I can't support their non existing privacy policy anymore either! Facebook is just a huge spy!!!

      I'm still in Youtube, Instagram and Vidme. You can also join MeWe, which is a very nice place and try to recommend others to join it as well! ;)

      - Ilta