Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 2 - the ride through "Pönttövuori" tunnel

The highlight of our day 2 was the ride through the Pönttövuori tunnel nearby Jyväskylä. It's an old deserted railroad tunnel. The track and ties have been removed and loose gravel is left. What a better way to test one's own bravery. I had serious worries whether my better half will manage with the Suzi. The tunnel is about 1.2km long, was finnished in 1918 and used until 1995. Thanx to the BMW GS meeting folks - I had the pleasure to ride this once before.

Inside the tunnel its pitchblack, you have no idea what there will be in the way or in the waterholes. The stones underneath you are moving and make the ride rather wobbly. A few ups and downs have formed over the time ... so enjoy the ride through it:

and BTW, I have Xenon lights at my bike - not the old and sad BMW "pocketlamp".

Ilta made it!

Now Africa - you can come! I thought that if she manages this, she will be able to manage anything. She was a bit shaky. It was a good decision to have the break with food afterward the tunnel and not before :)

Before Pönttövuori 

After Pönttövuori

Milady slightly relieved - it's over ;) - well done!

We ended the day in Leppävirta after riding some 280km small roads and gravel roads. At Leppävirta camping ground the owner had a new type of accommodation - permanently build Laavu. Really cozy inside.

The laavu had even with electricity and a proper light :)

~ Wolfi

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