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Chapter IV

Its now Wolfi alone in this channel. The adventures will continue either by motorcycle or bicycle. Plans are plenty on the table and the preparations for summer 2019 just started...

What happened before...

A long time ago in May2013 a Finnish/German couple started together with their three dogs to ride around the world on their motorbikes. They rode together about 70000km through 38 countries across 4 continents. Tragedy happened when Hertta died late 2014 in the US. A major turning point was Costa Rica where Skippy decided to release Lyra and Ulpu from their anxiety of traveling in the sidecar. Instead we would get a car for the girls in Colombia and they could go on their own. Consequently Skippy sold her Suzi in Costa Rica. Wolfi did not want to go alone and so Peto joined as a travel companion for him. The journey continued for a little while with all being packed and loaded onto the sidecar. In Colombia we found a car for Skippy and Lyra & Ulpu. However a short while later we admitted that Lyra's travel days seemed to be over. Skippy sold the car and went back to Europe.

Wolfi & Peto continued with the sidecar through South America. There were plenty of kilometers, stunning landscapes and breath-taking adventures. Skippy went through Europe first by train, then by walking/train and once she had a bicycle she rode her bicycle with the trailer from Germany back to Finland (with a shortcut across Sweden).

Get to know us in our family, read more about happenings and events in our blog, see what bikes we ride, and what gadgets and equipment we have. Our actual track can be found here.

During our journey we are promoting a "cruelty free world". We will do so by helping animal shelters and sanctuaries. More to come on this topic...  

The "perfect" family portrait :D
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Enjoy your journey through our pages!
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Track and planned route (July2016)
Driven route (status Jan2016)

Planned route (April 2013)

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Just for the record.
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