Sunday, July 26, 2015

We are heartbroken - goodbye Melli :(

It was not possible for us to foster Melli longer without risking even more the health of Lyra and Ulpu. On our last walk Ulpu got badly injured when Melli run over her. We had to take Ulpu to a vet and she was diagnosed with a minor head trauma. Just before that Lyra was diagnosed with Ehrlichia and was now under heavy medication. Our little girls got quite stressed with Melli's childish (and rough) play. No room for a overly playful 10kg puppy :-o

Enjoy with us our last walk with Melli from our house and some more of our dog life. What a difference compared to when she came to us!

Here are a few last shots of us with Melli (all photos taken by Sylvia S.)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Clips and pictures from our everyday life...

Here are a few short clips to entertain you. First of all admire our great manual washing machine as I would not call this a semi-automat.

Skippy has a few nice episodes on her Raw On The Road which also fit to here, so enjoy...

Magnificent lizard walking across the lawn:

Fact: Skippy editing a video. How to interpret this situation: (A) "Wolfi, shut up I can't hear the sound in the video" or (B) It was raining so hard that Skippy was not able to hear the sound in the video.

Do not be fooled...
... by the idyllic scene you think...

... you see here. Lyra does not like Melli at all and typically shows her instantly her teeth because Melli's playing style is too rough for little Lyra. Our foster time will have to come to an early end.
Family portrait with Melli in our front yard.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Three weeks in Costa Rica - how do we feel?

Poll results as of 18July including all the folks which voted several times ;) - Also thanks for the comments!
Shell of a cicada.
Injured Lyra.
Be aware of the bunny!
And we got a fence. Interesting way of building - Jeder Schlosser würde sich hier im Grabe umdrehen.
We found a moment of peace and no traffic in this dead end street.
Tired puppy.
Plenty of cool lizards lurking around, on top and inside our cabin.
Skippy's bicycle got an upgrade - front basket.