Sunday, August 19, 2018

Mikkeli - Puumala - Savonlinna - Punkaharju

After this great, fun and entertaining resting day I was full of energy. I packed my stuff and said Mikkeli goodbye. It was a heavy overcast and I was chilly on the bike, so time to take out the warmer clothes.

In the next three days, I should make it via Savonlinna to Punkaharju. Punkaharju means a detour but it is such a beautiful spot that not going there would be a shame.

Saimaa roundtrip is popular amongst bicyclists

Life is goood.

Mökki again 😎

It's clearly off-season and campgrounds feel deserted.

Some interesting historical info.

A new bridge in Savonlinna with a great view


Surprise - for me some rest for the ambulance driver a test for patience...

Lusto @ Punkaharju

Cool art work

I think that guy would feel at home in my yard😎😱😂

Inside Lusto


I really like those stone km markers😇

More art along the road

Next mökki at Punkaharju campground

Many cottages, only a few visitors

And a cool looking Rolls standing there and shining
About 206km in total with about 660m ascent on day 1 amd 2 and an astonishing 300m only on day 3😎

Friday, August 17, 2018

Mikkeli - one day rest and some sightseeing

I decided to give my sore butt and legs one day of rest and I found a cheap accomodation near the center of Mikkeli. It was a cute small flat with one bedroom, a kitchen and bath room. All what I needed.

Mikkeli played a significant role in WW2 and thus I caught up a bit in Finnish history.

Special dinner with appetizer, main course and desert 😇
Some impressions from the city center...
Mikkeli marketplace

Then I decided to visit the päämaja museo - the museum at the headquarters...

Maps in German😮

Lokki - communication center

Mannerheim is very present Mikkeli

Mikkeli impressions

yeah - some entertainment... its my vacation😎

And just like that the summer was over. The temperature dropped down to +19C and it was cloudy and windy. I was getting cold while cycling even though I had my jacket on. Well I guess it might take some time for the body to adjust after those hot days😎. Now of to Puumala...