Sunday, August 4, 2019

Chernobyl visit July 2019

Hello my dear friends and followers. I made a short trip to Kiev and had a chance to visit Chernobyl. I must say that it left a mark on me (no, I am not all bright now and radioactive). I recommend anybody to visit there, keep your eyes and mind open to the tragedy which happened there. Besides that I needed a moment to digest all what I experienced there. I made my own short video about my visit to Chernobyl.

p.s. yeah without bike nor bicycle :-o

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Etelän Pystymettä 2018 Isojoki-Vanhakylä

A short video from the EPM2018

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Kuusamo - Posio - Autti - Rovaniemi - Helsinki - home

The bicycle was working fine and now it was time to get going to enjoy some more nature and finally enter Lapland and visit the artic circle :)

Another cutie <3

A beautiful swamp :D

Finally crosssing into Lapland :)

Found another great berry spot

Blueberry oat meal coming up

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Auttiköngäs museum
sun :) :)

old times - it was used until 1970 for transporting logs

Really nice for the doggies :)

Fantastic view from the tower

Most secure parking on this trip @Autti
Kemi river
Almost there

around and around :D

Waiting for the train to come

Track Kuusamo - Posi - Autti - Rovaniemi

How does a vegan get to leather gloves (I prefer them when e.g. using the grinder)? Collecting them from the ditch :D ... Yes! I saw so many gloved along the road that around Lieksa, I decided to collect the ones which were in good condition and I got two pairs. The one even had the ID tag still on :D

Total track 1800+km and 37km ascent