Sunday, August 5, 2018

Start of the execution of Plan B2

So what was that all about? Well, I figured a few issues when riding with the trailer.
Yes, it adds some weight which means in uphills I need to kick in the pedals even harder.
The handling is more difficult with the heavy tail load, for parking I need trailer skills ;)
The sidestand barely holds the load. The brakes are getting very hot and I need to brake at almost every downhill. I put all in one bag, which means if I need something, I will need to open this entire package.

Therefore my new set-up looks like this:

I also downsized a bit like I left my work- reading glasses at home as well my flip-flops, a wooden spoon and a package of rice (Skippy thaught me that rice should first soak for a few hours before cookking. That makes it a bit difficult, and my cooker is a bit on/off so likely the rice would burn😱).

I also added the third bottle holder as there was already a ready- made hole but without thread, so needed to cut one first and for that I needed to buy one first😂😂😂.

I can ensure to whomever wants to use a trailer, do only so if you must, have no other options or want to get more attention 😁😎...

Plan B1 was the Skippy would come with the bags and the lowrider and we would meet somewhere - too complicated 😂

Plan B2 looked like that: ride from Parainen to Kaarina, take the bus home, do all the work and continue next day😎😇
And so it happened. Lappi here I come

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