Saturday, August 4, 2018

Day2 Fagervik -Raasepori castle ruin - Fiskars - Perniö - Teijo National Park

After my oat meal was cooked I had no more water. So I stopped at the first house where I saw somebody outside and got my bottles filled. Along came at first the old castle ruin from Raasepori.

They played West Side Story in the summer theatre.

A medieval animal rights activist 👍

There are no mountains in Finland but millions of hills. The issue with the trailer is that I cannot go fast downhill on gravel roads; so uphill 1st gear and downhill braking. Next off to Fiskars.

I was dead tired and exhausted, in fact I was so dead that I could barely eat my ordered salad. I think about one hour later I filled my bottles and had a proper rest before continuing.
Lovely and lonely country side roads

Google maps have proven again to be used with caution as it wanted to send me through the woods - I don't think so! Straight ahead instead following the road.

I found a shop where I could fill my water bottles and then towards this beautiful lake for another night in the wild.

Dressing room and toilet

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