Friday, August 10, 2018

Home - Liesjärvi National Park - Virpala - Messilä

Holiday feeling is kicking in, I forgot which day it was. I enjoyed the ride to Liesjärvi. It was a stormy day and the headwind gave me a bit of an extra challenge. I believe it was still easier compared with the trailer. Some dark clouds appeared on the sky and I hurried up, fighting against the wind blowing now even stronger and quickly pitched my tent at the beach before any rain might come but nothing came where I was😇

Interestingly, the last proper grocery shop was in Pusula. Next one along my route would be near Lahti, three days and nights later. I am somewhat surprised or better say amused by this fact. Also for reasons of cycling more on asphalt and not on gravel, I changed direction and went via Renko. In the end no worries with grocery shopping.

Lunch places typically offer a salad table from where one can pick basic veggies and sometimes fruits. That is typically refreshing and the price is ok.

Since my gadgets let me down when it comes to tracking I will make a trip summary later. These 3 legs together were about 197km (51+72+74) and 1450m ascenting.

Some berrirs from the yard for my morning smoothie

Wild camping in Liesjärvi National Park

Convient with toilet

Bridge was under construction

The "ox trail"

Km marker at Härkätie

only local calls 😂😂😂

Food shopping for dinner

Virala campground: summerkitchen

cosy living room

nice beach with sauna

main course

great salad

potion time - I really like matcha tea while cycling

animal torture at the Messilä campground

And those really loved my yellow shirt

and the light green tent.

Those fellows did not bite or sting or burn, they were simply annoying.

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