Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome to Mexico

Bordercrossing USA-Mexico (5Feb2015)

Since the road #17 on the Mexican side looked more appealing we decided to cross the border at Douglas, AZ – Agua Prieta. We arrived a bit before 13 o'clock at the border. I handed over our I-94W papers to the US immigration officer and we entered Mexico. Nobody at the Mexican side asked for passports, documents or any kind of paper work. Skippy obviously looked suspicious as she was stopped by the Mexican customs officer who asked her to open the sidecases and topcase. No weapons in there so Skippy was also good to go. And we were in Mexico.

After the check-point we turned right and there was a guarded parking place for people like us who have some paperwork to do. This border crossing point was quite pleasant as all the required offices are in the same (tiny) building. First we got the immigration form filled, next counter for copies, next counter for paying immigrations fee, vehicle temporary import fee and customs bonds. Back to counter number one and getting the immigration finalized after which we went back to counter number two to get a 6 months mandatory insurance for the bikes. This entire process took a bit over one hour. I guess we got a bit lucky since we did not have to cue anywhere. Nobody cared about the dogs neither on the US nor at the Mexican side even though the officers saw the dogs.

Then we hit the road into Mexico :)

First stop at a deserted service station
This lies ahead of us
Dead dog in the ditch just outside our hotel.
My banana girl went shopping bananas.
Puta de la Sierra (used to be Ruta de la Sierra) :D
Crossing to Nacozari downton.
Bike trouble with the Beemer in the middle of nowhere.
Sierra de Madre.

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