Friday, February 20, 2015

Copper Canyon - Creel, Chihuahua (13. - 15. Feb2015)

Our next reality show - click the play button to watch the video and enjoy

We found these nice packages - used baby diapers - when we had a short break. Well in case they are the cheap (and non-eco friendly) ones, those souvenir packages will be there for the next 500+years.
A patio that invites to relax.
... more poop ... this dog poop in front of our hotel room and look at the plastic those poor fellows ate.
As learning Spanish would not be hard enough for me ... here is some on-the spot dictionary for the local language ;)
Our track to Creel (122km). I only found that road by reading the street signs as we passed by them. This road from Highway 16 to San Juanito (and Creel) was marked as a gravel road in my Garmin maps and marked as a white road in the Michelin paper map. This road was in excellent condition with smooth asphalt, maybe one or two potholes in 100km and only in a very few curves some damages (as I regard that already normal on those lonely roads). Besides that this curvy road already offered some breath-taking views, no wonder since we rode through the Sierra Madre.

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