Monday, February 23, 2015

Our adventure ride through Copper Canyon to Batopilas (15. - 18. Feb2015)

Enjoy the next episode of our travel life (click the picture below to watch the video):
Riding in Copper Canyon.
Wolfi found vegan cookies and they are really delicious (of course full of sugar and fats)!
Curvy and steep mountain road.
Simple transportation – at least one gets plenty of fresh air which might be needed to survive those curvy and bumpy mountain roads.
Water levels are going down.
Batopilas in the morning.
Lyra was freaked out when we walked across this swinging bridge.
Gorgeous and good-smelling flowers.
The village plaza opposite of our hotel.
Beautiful inner yard (solo bikes can be parked here as well).
Skippy had an eye for this light game of the water fountain.
Amazing nature – it appears that roots grow from the stone.
A typical land slide which was blocking the way. Luckily it was possible to go around easily.
Stunning landscape along Batopilas River (once more difficult to focus on the road).

The “nightmare” bridge
Height profile of the 55km one way road from Batopilas.
Our track from Creel to Batopilas. The road to Batopilas was all paved on the first 40km from Chihuahua25 to the bottom of the canyon. The street was mostly in good condition with one bad segments after the first 20km and basically rock fall and slides all along the way. Then there came a 3km stretch of lousy gravel including the two suspicious bridges. For the remaining 23km the street was a mixture of fast gravel and asphalt with the exception of those parts where land slides blocked the road. The other steep descent/climb with its sharp switchbacks was also nicely paved.

Wolfi getting all artistic.

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