Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Phuck you SAG, Senasag - drama at the border Bolivia to Chile

The beautiful landscape and plenty of shit I had to take while trying to get from Bolivia into Chile with my dog...


  1. So sorry you are in such a state of frustration. The country to country requirements are mind boggling.....and I'll bet you they change from day to day and from inspector to inspector! And the way...you look like you've dropped a few kilos over the past months(?)...looks like you're at your "fighting weight" and ready for the next border asshole...lol Hang in there brother and thanks so much for your videos. We enjoy them immensely!

    1. Howdy, I needed some new holes in my belt. Maybe weight is fine but no muscles left. I have now crossed many borders with dogs and I must say that Chile was the worst so far.