Thursday, December 4, 2014

Trailing Bigfoot

Skippy got some good news: her friend Lara bought tickets to fly to Las Vegas to meet us there. Now she has something to look forward to! Of course Lara is very kind and will bring some “nami” from Finland; Salmiakkikossu for Wolfi... cheers for that :D
Charming little village - Happy camp.
Everything was soaking wet.
Bigfoot lives.
Even the hydrants were happy :D
Spooky looking beast - some 5 cm long.
Figs growing in Happy Camp - winter can't be too harsh here.

Of course we had to get a souvenir from the Bigfoot Highway – a patch for our travel jackets :) The heater was running very often as it was obviously another chilly night. At least the weather forecast was again wrong and instead of heavy rain the sky cleared out more and more. By the time we hit the road we had sunshine with some clouds here and there and some occasional fog. 

The road was very curvy and I could see Skippy very often in my back mirror. It was time to let her go first again and have some curve fun. At the filling station in Hoopa (cheap petrol!) we chatted with some real (so they said!) indians (also known as Native Americans). They were pretty enthusiastic about our journey. We ended the day early in Willow Creek and checked in at Bigfoot Motel – the only one which was open in town.
Bigfoot Motel in Willow Creek with a cage in case somebody would capture one ;)
Bigfoot is big :)
Bigfoot the timber man.
Bigfoot the gardener. Obviously vegetarian! ;)
The plan for the following leg was curves, curves and many more curves! On the first section we rode from Willow Creek on National Forest Road 1 (Titlow Hill Road) to Mad River. The road was really cool, curves more then I could handle, very scenic (for those few moments without clouds/fog) and extremely bumpy. The temperature was only +2C on top of the hill at almost 1800m altitude and Skippy was once more totally frozen – poor girl. It was the 1. Advent and we saw a big amount of Christmas tree pickers which meant also that they drove very slow in order to spot a good tree and then made sudden stops to park their vehicle and get it :D

Now on Hwy 36 the winding road only continued and I was getting seriously seasick and I had to take a break. From Bridgeville we took the Alderpoint road to Garberville. This section was much lower in altitude thus warmer and the curves and bumps only continued. At least I did my fitness part for that day as I could feel the tension in my muscles after a workout. Interestingly there was almost all the time a scent of hemp in the air ;)
Curvy narrow roads - beautiful with some sudden surprises.
One of the rare moments where we could see something from the surrounding.
More scenery.
We found easily a motel in Garberville and Skippy renamed the village to “Garbageville”. A distinct smell of piss, poop and hemp on almost every block – not nice! Plenty of hobos around asking for change... Skippy got a deja-vu of Africa ;)
Kahvi in Garberville? REALLY? :D
On the following day we reached finally the north part of the famous Hwy 1. It was again full of small curves and the road led us through some astonishing forests with trees so big that I almost wanted to stop and give them a hug. Well of course I could not give them a proper hug since they were so huge, maybe a quarter-sized hug :D

Based on the moss growing on the center part of the lane it must be pretty wet here all year around. We had a quick stop somewhere so I could grasp a moment of no-motion (I was again feeling seasick), girls could play and we could admire nature.
We donated Hertta's stuff to this Thrift Store in Garberville.
Our track - about 400km
Travelogue #51 coming up here:

~ Wolfi

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