Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Las Vegas - part I

The following day I checked my bike a bit more careful and did not find any major damage on the frame or other front area parts.

The entire list of damages were "limited" to:
- Trailing A arm needed replacement and machining
- Front sub frame bent
- Rear shock was leaking (in fact, I noted that only a few days later - will be around 250USD)
- Some bumps and loss of paint here and there

A new trailing arm would cost about 600USD plus the ball bearing and small stuff might be together all together around 1000USD. I checked ebay and found an used trailing arm including the ball bearing for 100USD. That sounded like a bargain. It seemed like the most important thing was done. Matt ordered the trailing arm for me from ebay and I did not find any other damages at the bike (at that time I did not realize that my rear shock was leaking). Now there was not much to do except wait for the part to come.

Our motel had a shuttle service to the airport and we had no problems to get Lara in the evening. Skippy was very happy.
We explored our neighborhood and found a nice off-leash dog park nearby.
Lara: girls' new playmate :D
Lara had her sleeping period, so Skippy and me went to explore Las Vegas on our own.
Plenty of light everywhere.
High Roller (world's tallest observation wheel). It was 13Dec2014 (in American: 12/13/14) and each cabin hosted a few wedding parties :D
Las Vegas Boulevard and Stratosphere Tower in the background.
Huge football (soccer) field size casinos (the biggest Casino was a bit over 2ha!!!)

And the millions or tens of millions jackpots on display!
The next day Lara was fit and we went all together to the Strip.
Girls having fun!
Vegas by night.
From New York via Monte Carlo to Paris - all is here!
Bellagio - watch the spectacle in our travelogue.
...and dirty.
View over Vegas from Stratosphere Tower (350m height).
Girls got "shot" into the sky :D
Happy faces before the food...
Wolfi ordered spiciness level 0 on a scale from 1-10. It was delicious. The girls ordered level 5, were sweating like hell and could not finish their food ;)
After heavy walking (yeah we did the strip Finnish style and walked) one needs to stretch properly!
... and bend :D
Plenty of fish squeezed into a small tank. What a torture!

Maria and Rachel from the UK riding on a Suzuki DR650 around in the US. Wolfi chatted with them and tried to charm with his amazing outfit...
...and then they had to leave. No wonder! :D
What to do about Lara and the girls? They would not be of big help to me in fixing my bike. Besides that Skippy preferred to have some alone-time with Lara and the girls and therefore we decided that they would make a road trip on their own.
Car is rented and the girls started their ROAD TRIP!

Enjoy the travelogue #55 by Skippy:

The background music caused that youtube is complaining about copyright law stuff. Click here if you cannot watch the video in youtube.

~ Wolfi

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