Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our first ever vegan potluck ... ever!

The main reason we came to Vancouver Island was that Tarah (from 40BelowFruity) had invited to a raw vegan potluck with extra fun. It was our first ever vegan potluck and the food was delicious and there was plenty of it :) The original idea was to party outside but it was raining a lot and instead we played "cards against humanity" besides the warming fireplace. We all had a great time and laughed until many had tears in their eyes. Thank you very much Tarah - it was great!
Ryan and Tarah
Next morning: Blue sky and warm ... BEAUTIFUL.
Pepsi jumped with joy into the sidecar:D
The next day we rode the enormous distance of 15km to Courtenay where we stayed in a hotel for few days. I was still feeling a bit sick and since we got a room with kitchenette there was a chance to get some goodies made by Skippy. During the evening walk on our first night with girls along the river we saw a bunch of seals sneaking their head out of the water – cute fellows.
Courtenay bay.
Skippy in action.
Happy me - Skippy made me a vegan "Snickers cake"
For the following days it was mostly raining and once the sun came out we took that opportunity to have a walk in the nearby Seal Bay Park. There was a lovely forest and when we were at the beach we even saw a seal lying on a stone :)
Stunning forest
with heavy dark-green fern.

Cute little mushroom - no idea whether eatable or poisonous?

Skippy - the veggie lover ;)
Magnificent tree.

Once more enjoy the reality show of our family life :D

~ Wolfi

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