Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Arriving at Vancouver Island

Since that whole border crossing went rather smooth we were able to make it to 17:00 ferry to Vancouver Island. Soon I realized that the traffic was a bit heavy and some sense of urgency came up. Unfortunately Skippy did not share that and so we had later on again one of our usual arguments about driving styles. The check-in was already closed for cars but was still open for motorbikes and so we made it in the last minute :)

It was late and dark when we arrived to Nanaimo. The hotel was already pre-booked - one stress item less for that night. As it happened before, the hotel info in booking.com was according to the owner incorrect and (also as it happened before) the owner made it sound like it would be our fault.

Pets were supposed to be for free and after I complained about the high price the lady did not charge for pets. The check-out was at 11AM even though it was supposed to be at noon. Well, we had those kind of troubles earlier, so we knew that we could expect fair treatment from booking.com. However such hick-ups always caused a moment of frustration as they typically happened in the end of long and exhausting riding day.

Nope, we were not picky and we had a good reason to stay in the motel as long as possible. The ride to Tarah on the next day was short and it was raining a lot. Lingering around somewhere just to kill time was not a pleasant option in our mind.

Skippy made another travelogue. Enjoy!

~ Wolfi

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