Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hertta – you are always with us!

Tragedy had come to our life, and joy and happiness were replaced with sadness and emptiness. Hertta died on November 21st 2014.

It was love at first sight when Skippy rescued Hertta in August 2011. Hertta had had a rough life before she came to us. She lived her first years on the streets of Estonia before she came to Finland where she was passed around. The doctors estimated her to be about 11 years old and only gave her 6 months to live because of her mammal tumors (and that was in late 2011)! Skippy changed her to a clean vegan diet and a healthy life style with plenty of love and exercise in fresh countryside air.

She really loved to be in the sidecar. Hertta was our guardian, the protector of our family. She watched over us and everything what she regarded suspicious was barked at. She was able to make people jump when they approached the sidecar without permission. Ever since we started our journey Hertta was almost 24/7 with mommy - and she was happy! Hertta saw the world and she loved sniffing around those millions of different smells. 

We miss her badly and feel very lost without her!

Her final resting place we found from a very beautiful temperate rainforest, with lovely waterfalls and rainbows nearby. Next day when we continued our journey it was very grey and rainy weather. A moment after we passed by her place the rain stopped and sun came out! Soon after that we saw the most beautiful rainbow over the sea! It was like Hertta was smiling at us and trying to cheer us up :)
Wolfi was too slow with the camera to capture this full and bright rainbow.

In case you cannot see the video in youtube, click here for an alternative source.

Hertta, you'll always be our sunshine!

- Wolfi, Skippy, Lyra & Ulpu


  1. Sorry to read about Hertta, the last years of her life were happy thanks to you,