Sunday, September 2, 2018

Kuhmo - Lentiira - Suomussalmi - Juntusranta- Hossa

The next 4 days would be a real challenge. I learned from the leg to Kuhmo that 85km in unoptimal conditions is beyond my healthy daily limit. 70km are still fine. Furthermore, after such riding days I really appreciate a hot shower (or sauna). This is supposed to be holidays after all and not some kind of survival trip😇

So even though there are many lovely places in the wild to pitch a tent, its a bit too cold already for me. On the other hand, the  map is not showing many accomodations along my route. If there is a 10km gravel road to take, that might be no issue by car, yet b y bicycle it would be 1hour more as those are tiny gravel roads, mostly in poor conditions.

As I learned from finding the previous place, one needs to ask around and so I did. I was amazed how many possibilities for decent money there came up and within a few hours those next critical places were reserved. I was happy and I did not need to engage plan B here which would have meant going by bus to Kuusamo. I also figured out that I indeed had one day extra - what a pleasant surprise...

Enjoying the sun

I got an entire big apartment for 15EUR/night in an old school.

The rest is now used for village and other events

Laundry day :D

But only build for "small" people :D

Also time for some maintenance. Changing the chain and brake pads.

Next day was only raining so I took the morning school bus to the next city. My bicycle fit perfectly in the trunk. Since it was a replacement bus the driver even came the day before to test that the bicycle fit - that is service!

So I had some extra time in Suomussalmi to walk around :)

Reindeer growing starts near Suomussalmi.

I was another day of rain and I found this nice kota for rest

The rain stopped and I could enjoy the ride even more

A big drying cabinet was very welcome :)

Another hidden gem - an entire flat for 35EUR/night.
Next day off north to Hossa. Since it was a short ride I always spent some time in the Hossa National Park.
Somehow camping was not too tempting, so another night in a mökki ... with a view from the toilet - better then reading newspaper :D

Next day I continued north towards Kuusamo...

This makes me really sick. First you can admire those gorgous animals and then eat them 😟

Somehow I spooked them off more then with the motorbike :D

Time for a break and ... berries

First signs of fall...

A small example of a typical road ... up and down and up and down ...
Then this happened. The freehub (Freilauf) was blocked. This meant when I did not pedal and was moving the chain hung through and hit the wheel. So it was some exhausting 20km to Kuusamo on the big road where trucks passed by at full speed.

To be continued...

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