Friday, July 3, 2015

Shooting at central park in Granada, Nicaragua.

Shooting at central park in Granada...

Having a break after another heavy border crossing.
Secure parking at Hotel Panamericano in Somoto. In fact it was so secure that we could not get to the bikes ourselves in the early morning.
I could not resist but to make a full break and go back to capture this attracting lady...
at the Ruta del Cafe. Something about Luxembourg?
The GM Granada had a small pond hosting plenty of turtles. I wonder if they end up in the kitchen once they are grown-up.
Secure parking besides the empty reception.
Cathredal of Granada
We saw plenty of horse carriages in the city. Those poor animals suffer a lot while being in the heat and in this crazy traffic while pulling lazy tourists. Have to learn what animal torture means in Spanish!
Church of Merced.
Empty beach of Lake Nicaragua.
Church Guadalupe by night.
Another great thing was to see all the grandmas and grandpas coming out into the street with their rocking chairs. Too bad, that we do not have a picture neither a decent enough clip of it.
This is on my to-do list in case I ever live again in such areas. Take my rocking chair in the evening and go to the street for a few hours to rock and enjoy life.
Really 4 teachers per student - I call this intensive course ;)
Germans are everywhere :D
Our track on Pan-American highway (abt. 232km)

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