Thursday, July 16, 2015

Foster puppy and more pictures from Atenas, Costa Rica

Skippy's vlog of day7

Machete - in all sizes from 14# to 28"
The little monkey - new way of holding the GoPro camera :D
Our idea was to do a good deed while we were stationary in Atenas. Lucky for us there were two dog shelters and one of them had a newcomer. Her name was Caramela, a 4 month old puppy which was thrown out of a car, found by a taxi driver and delivered to the animal shelter on a Sunday night. She had nine skin worms in her and did not have required puppy vaccinations yet. To give her a temporary home away from other the shelter was of high priority and so she came to us.
Sleeping nicely after getting a good bath
So shy (still)
Wolfi bought some new toys
Puppy life is hard :D
Seeking company.
Exploring the new home...
and marking the area :D
Rebec - three year old lady - half street dog/half lives with our landlord.

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  1. Dont make her loving you and disappont her once more in her short life by giving her away in some weeks.....I think this is a lesson she has already learend.