Thursday, June 25, 2015

Relaxing in the dangerous Santa Ana and our first visit to a Maya ruin at Tazumal

Enjoy with us our stay in Santa Ana. Invasion of one-day flies, wild bus rides across Santa Ana and in the end Skippy was at her best cooking mood.

Our first hotel in Santa Ana, Hotel Livingston (don't go there unless Casa Verde is full and then max for one night)
Inner yard and view over the city
Hostal Casa Verde (I called it "the oasis of Santa Ana" in Tripadvisor). Hard to find especially while riding.
Typical picture: sewer lids, manhole lids were stolen to get some money from the scrap metal. Deadly if you step or ride into one.
I love this T-Shirt but since it was literally falling apart I needed to find a new one which was not easy in Central America.
Been there, done that: Cathedral of Santa Ana.
Santa Ana has a problem with gang-related crime. The streets around the hostal were totally empty after 8PM and those doors just illustrate the applied security.

Note the little window here. The one which is on the inner side will open this one first before opening the door. We had also such one in the hostal.
Tazumal, Maya archeological site in Chalchuapa
Beautiful flowers at the site.
There was basically one major pyramid to look at (and mostly covered in what looked like concrete... maybe?).
Some of the digging was left open and in original state.

Beautiful forest within the site. We had a walk in peace, silence and fresh air.
Cemetery was besides the site.
More cool looking flowers :)
Tazumal from air.
Interesting looking sculpture in the museum.
Left our mark at the ceiling at Casa Verde ;)
Our track from Escuintla, Guatemala to Santa Ana, El Salvador (about 200km).

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