Monday, June 8, 2015

Adios Mexico - Hello Guatemala (Bordercrossing Mexico - Guatemala)

Last town in Mexico and how we crossed the border from Mexico to Guatemala

Bordercrossing Mexico - Guatelama 
(26.5.15 at Cuauhtémoc / Hidalgo, CA1/ Panamerica)

We rode first all the way to the border when we realized that the Banjercito and immigration check are about 4km before the border (GPS: N15.66547° W92.00252°) and we had to go back. The formalities were quickly done, we got our bike papers stamped, the receipt of getting our money back and our passports got stamped in the neighbor office. Then back to the border.

Literally at the borderline there are some guys exchanging money (100MXN=45Q). Certainly not the best deal but we had a few pesos left and I was not sure whether I can change them later.

One meter later (!) there was the fumigation (12.5Q per bike). We parked the bikes about ten meters further in front of another office to get our stamps into the passport (10Q/person). Finally we had to move the bikes 10m further in front of the customs office where we got the import permit and sticker for the bikes (160Q per bike).

Even though many officials saw the dogs and came closer to admired them, nobody cared about our girls, nobody asked any papers - absolute nothing.

No photocopies required. The officials make copies of whatever they need without extra charge.

The guy at the barrier checked our documents and the sticker, wrote all down and then waited until we were dressed and ready to go to open the barrier for us.

And then we were in Guatemala - piece of cake. It took a total of 1.5h including the driving back to Mexican immigration.


  1. I have a couple of suggestions for you. Visit Lago Atitlan. Good place to stay -
    Visit Tikal National Park

    1. Hi, thanks for your hints. As usual our blog is lacking behind 1-2 weeks and by the time we published this post we had already moved on. So better send hints about 3-4weeks ahead of from we published last time. In fact we did visit San Juan which is one of the villages at the Lake Atitlan. We did not visit the NP as I had seen in another one that dogs are not welcome. Well, maybe there is not one rule for all but anyway I hope that some other traveler will find this info in time and useful :)