Monday, May 11, 2015

Teloloapan and Axochiapan (3. - 6.5.2015)

Buckle up for another family travelogue ...

Covered basketball field - protects from the heat of the sun.
VW bus and Beetle repair/junk yard station (and a heavy smell of oil)
Side street in Teloloapan. Notice how nicely the stones warn about the hole in the street.
King of the street.
Many street dogs.
Everywhere. In almost every street, at every corner one can find street dogs.

Wolfi visited Tecampana.
Great view over the city and the valley.

Evidence of volcanic activities - for recreational reasons covered by concrete.

Some deep holes are still visible here and there.
Cute "mini-mountain"
Cute little guardian of the street.
Our tracks - 420km

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