Thursday, May 14, 2015

From love motel to love motel: From Axochiapan to Oaxaca (6. - 9.5.2015)

Plenty of fun in Mexico - watch our next travelogue

Forgot to include those pics from the previous leg, so here they are:

Not a nice place to stop but at least there was solid shade ...
Another way to lift your truck up :D
Auto Motel in Axochiapan - cheap, clean, spacious and garage for the bikes
Cooking in the garage :)
Somewhere along the road to Oaxaca
Cool lightning and thunder on our one-night-stay in Huajuapan de Leon

Finally we made it to Oaxaca
Plenty of metal trash on the roof. Well, I guess it might have been also the mechanics's "storage space".
Bird watching
Melanie helped me to get my spare parts. Thanks a lot!
A colorful exhibition piece.
Dogs still asleep while we had our morning walk.
Track to Oaxaca - 340km

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