Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Waiting, cooking, playing, beachlife - Los Ayala part 2 (10.-15.3.2015)

Some more of our reality show :D

Link for Skippy's recipe:

Mexican local beer and some "tostadas" - I tried this one as I was still not able to find some local dark beer.
Interesting way to collect plastic - just wondering where it will go to?
Beautiful bathroom sink

A "typical" bus ... really?

Yes please - some more table dance for me :D
I love SimCity

One of the beautiful sunsets when I had my phone with me
After the rain

Wolfi getting again all artistic :D
Next day it was sunny again ... some spooky looking big birdies
Fresh coconut and pineapple at the beach
Nice sunset at the beach
Next morning ... sales guy gets ready for the day.

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