Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wisconsin & Minnesota

After our one-night stand at Wakefield campground we crossed the border to Wisconsin, found a scenic and curvy “rustic road” and rode via Boulder Junction to The Little Bohemia Lodge. The place was known from the movie the Public Enemies and the historical events of the police trying to capture Dillinger. Unfortunately it was Monday, the museum/restaurant was closed and we could only walk around the buildings from the outside.
CR-G in Wisconsin.
Little Bohemia Lodge.
Original bullet holes from the shoot-out of the Dillinger hunt.
Some more bullet holes either original or movie-made for "Public Enemies"?
Skippy showed off her SISU.
Sandhill cranes
More World Cup matches were awaiting for us and we settled in Park Falls Motel.

And then the surprise Brazil - Germany 1-7 !!!! What a game!
Cute motel.
During one of our walks with girls we found a cute local cinema. Lucky for us the movie “A Million Ways to Die in the West” was playing. What a great preparation for us towards our journey into the wild west :D Plus the cinema only had a real film machine, no digital nonsense, this made Skippy extra happy! :)
Park Falls movie theater.
Wolfi enjoyed the show with popcorn.
We booked two nights at Northland Camping near Superior. It was really noisy there, plenty of car and train traffic the whole night. Not a good choice. I got me a map from Minnesota as we continued more north to explore the upper part of Minnesota before meeting Sean in St. Paul.
"Monster"-campers are quite typical - some are tremendous and as big as a summer cottage.
I liked this combination.
Skippy caught the sky nicely.
We visited an old school in Toimi which was founded by Finnish Immigrants and we had a break at the village of Finland :)
Toimi school.
The story.
Inside of the school.
Old enamel mugs.
Teacher's quarters.
There were a few happenings in Finland and all motels were fully booked. So we rode back to Silver Bay and stayed there to watch the finals. Plenty of ATV folks at the motel and we got some more admirers.
This way or that way?
Our second time we visit Finland in the world after we left Finland.

The one and only store in Finland, MN.
Strange motel. They switched on the red lights in the evening and NO - it was not a pay-by-the-hour one ;)
The game Germany-Argentina was mentally heavy. All the excitement and missed chances until Götze brought some relief to us. Girls also became nervous during the game, well who would not have been. Finally Germany won and we were really happy and were in excellent mood!

Instead of heading back towards Duluth, we went a few kilometers north to visit Palisade Head and the Finnish Heritage Center. On the way to there it started raining and the rain did not stop until we arrived in a motel in Sandstone where we stayed a night before we went to St. Paul the next day.
Palisade Head.
Cool looking clouds.
Ulpu - watch your step!
Palisade Head towards north.
Palisade Head towards south.
Finland Minnesota - Heritage Site ( I really did not get any answer why they put up the Swedish and Norwegian flags).
Welcome - the tour starts here.
Ihan jees!
Old building (when I recall right it was moved to here).
Old saw.
On the way south we got lucky as it stopped raining for 10 minutes and we found a good break place with food! 
Everybody picks berries.

Finland collage
Our track

Skippy had also energy to make another travelogue. Enjoy!

Click here if you have trouble watching the video above.

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