Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rough plan for the US

I spend a few minutes on sketching our route (abt. 27.000km) through the US for the upcoming 11 months ;)

First Michigan then Wisconsin and then west before going north to Mt. Rushmore and Badlands. After that we will head westwards to the Rocky Mountains and go then south as the cold weather is pushing us. During the winter months we explore the southern states - maybe have a short ride to Baja. Next spring we head westwards again (maybe along the TAT), then north towards Canada and Alaska.

Suggestions and ideas for worthwhile places to see are very welcome.

USA - rough plan 27.000km 11 months

~ Wolfi


  1. If you plan on riding any of Highway 101 along the Pacific Ocean while in Oregon, the most picturesque is between Florence and Newport and a few miles north to Lincoln City. Otherwise it is inland for much of the coastline.

  2. Upper Mississippi River between minnesota and Wisconsin is beautiful. There is the trans wisonsin adventure trail and the trans minnesota adventure trail. I can offer a vegan place to stay in minneapolis as well.

    1. I just saw a description of this trail somewhere else as well and it seems like a great way to got south. I guess we will go there and thanks a lot for the invitation. I come back to you on that with a PM.