Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lincoln, New Hampshire - Saranac Lake, New York

Rory and Jenny had recently bought this great little schoolhouse. Really sweet and spacious. We even had our own bathroom! Thank you very much for your hospitality! All our girls showed first some teeth to Halford and then they got along very well. He was so playful, full of energy and too big for a playmate for our ladies :D
My girls and Halford watching over us.
Nice view towards White Mountains.
Jenny, Rory and Halford.
Family portrait with White Mountains in the background (picture taken by Rory).
The evening went by and Rory and me had a good talk about bikes, sidecars and traveling. What came as a surprise to us was that his parents owned the Clarks Trading Post (A family business since 1920) and we got invited to visit there the next day. What a great co-incident! Instead of taking a picture of a steam engine from distance we were invited to ride on the steam engine. This was the first time in my life and I felt like a little boy (again) :D

Rory used to work there and he showed us around and explained many things. We could ride a segway and simply said: we had a really great time. We skipped the bear show as animals in captivity do not give us any pleasure even though many of the bears are rescued from the wild, which is a good thing of course. We just saw them hanging in the show-off place. I felt empathy for them, having experienced what it meant to be the animal which people stare at.

First sign we saw since we entered through the back door.
First the normal museum.
Then the car and motorbike museum.
Cool looking bikes and all are functional (as are the cars in the background)
Segway - that was fun!
Hardcore off road version :D
Did Skippy catch the Wolfman?
Engineer was petting the engine (he also had a five page leaflet on how to speak Finnish!)
Inside driver's stand.
Nice wooden bridge - it was raining cats and dogs - lucky for us the engine warmed us up.
Skippy did not catch Wolfman - only Wolfi - Wolfman was still on the loose!
Engine with special equipment winter and snowy rails.
More strange looking vehicles
and more engines.
To me this bear looks bored - a sad view.
SilberWolf got a little mascot :D
We left Lincoln direction north and rode through Franconia Notch before turning back south back to HWY 112. We made good speed and allowed us to divert to Buels Gore before hiting Burlington where we had a hotel reserved. Two days rest from riding with good infrastructure was seriously needed to get several videos and posts done. We were so behind with our blog :-o

I finally had time (and shops around here) to do some small repairs and modifications. My helmet started to fall apart and there were little things on the bike to be done. The plan was to ride through Adirondack Park towards Ottawa and then I remembered that Eric, the guy I just met at Tim's place, lived somewhere there in between. What an excellent opportunity to visit ;)
Excellent warning sign!
Yes, typically dirty cars enter a washing street and exit as clean cars (the other sign) ... well regulated!
I got me some protection for my front shocks.
Our motel with a huge lawn in front.
Typical street view in Winooski.
It was a short ride to Eric's place and there was plenty of time to play with girls. We met also the rest of the family: Cindy, Sam and their dog which was called Skippy (I know, now it might get confusing for the readers). As it happened we were also the guinea pigs for their new guest accommodation: a Winnebago – great RV from the 80's(?). It had plenty of luxury and in an amount that even Eric had not figured out everything yet ;) (Eric, good luck in finding all the buttons, bells and whistles). Thanks a lot for your help.
Eric & Cindy's new toy.
Luxurious inside.
Skippy made another delicious salad.
Eric & Skippy (rescue dog).
Eric, Sam and Cindy.
Sam loved the fish eye lens :D
Adirondack Park was on our to-ride list for the next day. The weather was an extreme mixture of heavy rain showers and hot sunshine. We managed well and enjoyed the little roads as much as possible until we found a decent motel in Saranac Lake where dogs were for free.
Skippy is not feeling great, but she is not throwing up ;)
Lakeside Motel at Saranac Lake.

Stormy weather and we even got some hail.
"Plastic or paper? - None thank you, I have my own bags!"
Some larvae had made heavy looking homes.
Wolfi is catching flies - the vegan way ;)
Amazing evening sky.
Next day off to Canada to visit Alex and Nui.

Our track.
Skippy got herself together to make another travelogue (#20) - enjoy

Click here if you have trouble to watch the video above.

~ written by Wolfi and edited by Skippy ;)

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