Friday, September 6, 2013

EGT-meeting - Munich

After spending two weeks at Rudi we though it was time to hit the road again. Better not bug him too much at once or we wouldn't be welcome anymore... :D

Skippy had an upcoming Karate seminar close to Saarland and this gave us an opportunity to make a little loop through Germany, the Alps and Vosges before coming back to Rudi to take care of my unfinished business. The plan was made and off we went.

The target of the first day was to reach the EGT -meeting. We enjoyed the curvy roads and beautiful landscape of the Hunsrück and got a friend when we crossed the Rhin at Boppard. Jörg was his name and he decided to follow us towards the EGT -meeting... since I had a GPS :D
Crossing Rhin at Boppard and we had a rest on the bottom of this cool castle.
We arrived quite late and needed to find a pitch place in the dusk which was a little tricky. Anyway we built our tent and next day we hissed the Finnish flag ;)
The fields were full of sidecars and solo bikes - over 1500 vehicles came to the event. It was interesting to see so many different sidecars and many of the detailed solutions still gave ideas to improve our hack. Lucky for us though, no sorrow came when seeing other sidecars. We think the concept of our sidecar is the best for our purposes - especially when we saw other solutions for dogs' traveling.

25. EGT 2013 in Hatzfeld-Reddighausen
Tent with Finnish flag ;)
On Saturday evening the organizer gave prices for example for "the longest journey from abroad to the meeting" and I thought I would at least make it to top three with almost 12.000km (Helsinki - EGT meeting via Baltica alone is already over 3.000km). Well well, think again - it seemed that the calculation principles were fuzzy, as a guy from Norway with about 1.200km got the first price :-o ... The positive side was that I would have had no idea where to stuff the trophy and I left the event with a smile on my face :D
Skippy making cacao-halva. Yummy :)

Next major stop was in Munich where I could visit some ex-work colleagues. Hans & Heike invited us to stay at their place again (we've invaded there already on an earlier trip to the Alps) and we were very happy to be there.
Skippy, Heike, Hans and me (from right to left) with Hertta (always close to mom), Ulpu and Lyra
Internet junkies :)
Peter, me, Hans and Hans (from left to right) - it was nice to meet my ex-work colleagues. All the best in your futures!

After Hans we finally headed towards the Alps.
Play rest at the river Isar.
Art at river Isar :D
Good intentions to remind people what to do about litter
... and the reality! :(
"Action pic" from Skippy on the lovely private road Vorderriss - Wallgau
and then to Austria...

~ Wolfi

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