Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colours of Scotland

I love colours and wild nature, so here are pictures of some of the views I really enjoyed in Scotland. These always make me smile :)

I don't know the names of all the plants, so feel free to comment!
Orange Hawkweed at Kinloch Rannoch
Sea life at the coast of Malaig. Those red "flowers" were totally hypnotising!
Foxglove and a bee at Fort William. One of my favorite flowers, especially because of the beautiful bees they attract :)
Spooky "fairytale" forest at Isle of Skye.
Hanging water drops are always something magical to me :)
Some sort of lichens at Isle of Skye.
Yellow beauties at Dunnet Head.
Cottongrass field at Dunnet Head.
So soft and delicate.
Common Self-heal (?) at Dunnet Head.
Little white beauties and soft mosses at Dunnet Head.
Heathers at Cow Hill, Fort William.
Silvery cones at one cut down forest area.
Amazing Rhododendron bushes, trees and forests in many places! These I've been adoring my whole life :) Miss my own little ones back in Finland. Unfortunately I was always too amazed by these and forgot to take proper pictures...
Kelps at Isle of Skye.
These kelps looked amazing and totally hypnotising in the waves!

~ Ilta


  1. nuo keltaset kukkaset muistuttaa niittynätkelmää

    1. ja valkoset pienet kukat näyttää valkomaksaruoholta, tämmöset veikkaukset heittäisin :)

    2. Kiitos! Puutarhuri pääsi taas päteen ;)