Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sidecar project is progressing

 I got word from the sidecar builder that the sidecar has arrived :) The sidecar wheel and tyre are also ready and the alu boxes also came. And these pics will give a first impression on how it will look like    COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL .... Oh I love it and I can hardly wait to get going - still so many days before take-off. On the other hand, the time is also needed to take care of all the required preparations ... like installing the helmet camera and reading the manual of the Canon video camera. On yeah - I also need to work (occassionally) :D

This picture shows the sidecar and the box from behind. As one can see the markings, there needs to be done some modifications to shorten the sidecar and as well, the backrest's angle position is not in favor of having such a box there and it needs to be straighten. We will have two of those Zarges alu boxes and those ALONE give us a total of 2x116 = 232l of storage room - bikers on solo bikes are only dreaming of those kind of figures :D
Lets see how this monster will drive later ;)

And here is the supporting frame for the sidecar - looks quite solid to me ... lets see what I will say after 25000km of African roads ;)
Now the sidecar will need to be send for the modification, open issues are also on how to fix the extra gas canister (either 1x20l or 2x10l), the painting of the sidecar, the door/slope for the dogs to climb into the sidecar and heaven knows what else.
Its amazing how much time it takes. Good for me, we did clarify some major issues conc. the tyres in an early stage. Also I allowed to order already the critical parts to build the front wheel since this takes time as well.
Well, I must say this reminds me soooo much of my work - basic project management with all the goodies like critical chain (s. E.M. Goldrath).

~ Wolfi

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