Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One more word about travel and bike insurances

Travel insurance
I contacted several insurance in Germany (why in Germany – well I am a German and its easier for me to communicate) and ask for quotes. None of them are able to provide what we need. For all, it is a mandatory pre-requisite to have a permanent place of residence in Germany at the time you sign the insurance papers. Secondly, the maximum amount of time when the insurance would be valid was two years – not enough for us.

So far the only company which covers 5+ years and does not demand residency in a particular country is:
They have also restrictions regarding which countries they cover, however this seems to be right now the only choice.

Motorbike insurances
Since the bike is registered in Finland, we have Finnish insurances. The 3rd party liability insurance covers Europe and a few countries outside of Europe. Typically the collision insurance is valid only in countries where the Green Card is valid and even then there are typically some restrictions e.g. theft excluded.

In Africa and South America (I am not yet thinking beyond that scope) third party liability insurance seems a matter of taste. Our Finnish insurances and the green card are no use here. So in case we get into an accident since somebody else hit us – we are most likely not getting any compensation. In case we caused the accident, we might need the paper to avoid prison. Otherwise the paper seems to be just a piece of paper. Consequently our Finnish kasko/collision insurance is not valid either, which means that any collision with an animal might cause us to stay longer in a place so things can be fixed.

Just wondering – will this affect my driving style?


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