Friday, June 15, 2012

What will I miss...

I've been thinking about this lately rather lot 'cos somehow right now it feels very easy for me to leave this country and almost all my belongings. I've been wondering how normal feeling this even is 'cos usually people have difficulties to leave their families for years or give away stuff with memories... but then again I'm not that normal! ;)

Few family members I will miss, but their reaction to our news was disappointingly lame or even nonexisting! There was no enthusiasm or even words like 'we will miss you'... Some years ago when I moved away from my hometown people got mostly worried about the thing, that they won't see my dog so much anymore... Interesting relatives I have! So all this makes me just think, that they don't really care and if that's so, then why should I even miss them. This makes my leaving even more easier!

I also once said if Niinistö will become a President it's time to have a change of scenery... well that was mostly a joke, but at least now I can keep my words :)

There is actually two things I will miss a lot! People must think I'm really crazy now... but the number one thing is my beautiful orchids! The bigger one I got from Wolfis 'aunt' (thank you Usch!!!) when we lived in Germany for a moment. Somehow it was very special gift for me and anyway Usch has always been so kind to me and a kind of aunt I would've wanted to have. I've been taking good care of it and now it's even making a 'baby'! The smaller one I got from Wolfi and it's sweetly groving all crookedly. Hopefully I'll find a loving new home for them, who knows how to speek softly kind things to them... Yes, I'm a nutcase, but a happy one! :)

The other thing is of course my two great karate clubs in Kirkkonummi and Lohja! I've been practising karate for over 20 years and it's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle! In Sokuto-club I've been about six years and it has become almost like a second family to me. The atmosphere and people there are really great and we always have great fun, especially on our camps! The guys are really great dancers too ;) In Lohja-club I've been for about 6 month. I started there 'cos it's closer and I need now all the exercise possible, because I'm training to get a black belt... There is also plenty of really great persons and soon that will be my third family :) Sorry to leave them so soon...
Kirkkonummipäivät 2011 (photo by someone in Sokuto:))

Hopefully I will find some kind of substitutes to these two things on our journey. At least beautiful flowers will be all over, just can't start looking after them... I also hope to be able to visit some karate clubs around the world and get some new experiences and share viewpoints... So I will be very happy to get invitations from other karatekas (or even other martial artists) to train with them or get hints of nice club whereabouts!

~ Ilta


  1. Sorry about my nonexisting reaction to your trip.. I've never been good at expressing my feelings or thoughts..

    Anyway I've read this blog and your plans sounds exiting I'm genuinely happy for you and maybe a little jealous that you have the courage to do something like this.
    I wish you all the best.

    - Heli