Sunday, June 3, 2012

Discussions & decisions

This weekend we've been heavily thinking and discussing certain things again and made some changes in our plans. What else can one do when it's just raining and storming outside..? Well we did of course also have plenty of delicious and somewhat unhealthy food and enjoyd good films... ;)

Very filling and fruity sunday brunch :) We haven't had this unhealthy start for the day since our New Zealand trip...

This cottage thing has occupied our minds and especially it has given plenty of worried thoughts... Here in Finland it's unfortunately very common that cottages, which are not often enough visited get easily robbed! We don't have anyone who could go and watch over our belongings and we don't even want to bother anyone with such things. Lately here has also started to be plenty of bad storms due to the climate change... and it's very likely that one day some big tree will fall on the cottage and things will be ruined, or at least rain and snow will come in and do their damage. The area is also very dry in the summer time so forest fires might happen... and then there is the issue with rodents! If one day we would come back there just might not be anything left and all the efforts and investments have gone for nothing...
So we came to the desicion (which I have actually secretly been hoping, but haven't wanted to push my materialistic man in to...) that we don't get any cottage or anything else like that and we will basically sell all our belongings! Just few important things we'll store to a rental storage.
So if you reader or someone you know needs something just ask if we have that for sale, 'cos we have all sorts of things here from garden furnitures to dishes... Our house will also come to sale on fall...

Lyhyesti suomeksi:
Suurien riskien vuoksi emme aiokaan ostaa sitä mökkiä vaan tulemme myymään lähes koko omaisuutemme! Jos sinulla tai tutullasi on siis tarvetta saada jotain, niin meiltä voi rohkeasti kysyä! Myynnissä on kaikkea puutarhakalusteista astiastioihin ja talomme tulee myyntiin syksyllä... Sanaa saa laittaa mielellään eteenpäin! :)

~ Ilta

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  1. ".....Just few important things we'll store to a rental storage." A very wise decision. The more you keep stuff with you, the more time and energy you have to spend looking after it. Great post. :D
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