Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vilcabamba, via Zumba, La Balsa (Ecuador) to San Ignacio (Peru)

I had really mixed feelings about riding this road. Butterflies were roaring in my stomach. The border crossing was one of the fastest ever!

Details on the border crossing

I crossed the border on Sunday 31.Jan2016 around 16o'clock. Customs and immigration on the Ecuador side took about 10min. Then I went to take copies of passport and bike papers for the Peru side. Besides that I changed a few dollars in one of the shops so I had some cash if needed. Nobody cared about Peto and a few locals sponsored my journey. Thank you very much!

I crossed the bridge, drove under the barrier and parked on the right side. I got the feeling of being in the wrong movie. Chickens with their little ones running all over the place. But no I was at the right place. However there was an electric cut and thus immigration guys did not want to do anything. 

Then I went to customs because that anyway takes longer. So I filled the papers by hand instead of the guy typing everything into the system and then printing the cards. Now it came REALLY handy that I took some copies on the Ecuador side where they had electricity.

Some time later customs were done, still no electricity and then also immigration people could be moved to give me my stamp manually. This process took less than 30minutes which makes this border crossing one of the fastest - no most likely THE fastest - one I ever had. Only 40 minutes in total! Of course I was honest and said "yes" on the customs form about bringing animals into the country. Meaningless as this question was, nobody cared Peto. Good that I did not invest in any vet's certificate ;)

Peru here I come!

My track through Ecuador:
About 1000km

Ecuador track and waypoints as GPX and GDB files.

Ecuador accommodations

Ibarra - Camping at Finca Sommerwind

Type: camping
Costs: 5USD/person
Dogs: free
Bike parking: besides tent
GPS: N0.38049° W78.08908°
Comment: Clean toilets and hot shower, kitchenette, restaurant, great Wifi, they seem to have also cabins.

Quito - Residence Latitude 0

Type: Room for 6+people (all for me)
Costs: 10USD/person
Dogs: free
Bike parking: free in the one and only garage
GPS: S0.21142° W78.48541°
Comment: Clean, shared warm shower, shared toilet, TV, good Wifi, kitchen

Riobamba - Hotel Royalty

Type: Room with one queen size bed
Costs: 13.50USD/person
Dogs: free
Bike parking: secured in inner yard
GPS: S1.65549° W78.66520°
Comment: Clean, warm shower, TV, good Wifi, free breakfast, opposite of shopping mall

Cuenca - Mallki Hostel

Type: Room with one queen size bed
Costs: 25USD
Dogs: free
Bike parking: secured in inner yard
Contact: and
GPS: S2.90413° W79.00713°
Comment: Shower head, common TV, Wifi (from congested and no throughput to superfast), free breakfast, kitchen, first two nights in dorm room (10USD/night).

Vilcabamba - Hosteria Paraiso

Type: Room with multiple beds
Costs: 20USD/room (special price, normally 25USD/room)
Dogs: free
Bike parking: in inner yard
Contact: +593 (0) 72640266, 072640029, 0988448057,,
GPS: S4.25516° W79.22341°
Comment: Clean, hot shower, TV, good Wifi at reception, free breakfast, swimming pool, steam sauna, Finnish sauna at weekends