Sunday, November 29, 2015

Colombia: Still impressions, snapshots and more

A few still impressions, snapshots and stuff like this from Alejandria to the Finca.
Alejandria: those vultures were well fed by the nearby slaughterhouse.
Short-distance bus in Alejandria
Spooky creature - no idea what this was, almost looked pre-historic
Unbelievable: the brake pads disintegrated while I fixed the bike.
Peto is such a laid-back dude
A quick stop for a photo shoot at the entrance of Pablo Escobar's hacienda.
Finca in San Fransisco: Peto - the beast
Wynn's Dragon PowerClean additive - to compensate for the lousy fuel quality in Colombia.
Our little monsters.
While shopping I enjoyed a vegan lunch in Bogota.
Peto loves those bears :)
Nosy as usual
Mmmh - teddybears are delicious ;)
More action over there?
Or over there?

Skippy is busy satisfying all the dogs and cats around here...
... this cat is really cute and bending while getting a rub.
Feeding time - I was a bit disappointed to see that they get their food just thrown at the floor.
Beautiful amaryllis just outside the living room window.
watch and enjoy

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