Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adios Atenas

Last clips from Atenas (you can see here how we now travel to Colombia)

Tired doggies
And Ulpu collected nice sticky stuff again
Went to the Green Center and discovered this roof construction. Hundred of empty beer (and soda) cans up there... maybe for isolation???
I had a vegan hamburger. A few days later I went again and wanted the same burger again, then they told there was egg in the burger. Well, I did not die the first time but I was very unhappy with the service. Besides that a few packages of cheeze were rotten and then I got as a compensation the worst smoothie ever. After all it left a bit of a bad taste on this place even though it had great vegan and organic food options.
Walmart's fire extinguisher properly marked with "Wallmart" ;) who cares - right?
When I went to the huge MultiPlaza mall in Escazu, I found this puppy horror shop.
Saw this bus stop in front of Recope oil refinery. It was build out of scrap material.
Cheerful flowers in Florences' garden.

Our tracks around Atenas (800+km)

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