Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Skippy's dreams shattered and she also found new hope

Skippy's dreams shattered like glass on a concrete floor and she also found new hope...

Here are our questions:
- We would need to find a car. We looked at some cars in Mercado Libre which we would convert to a one-person camper. Besides Craigslist, is there any other website from where we could find cars in Colombia?
- We do not speak any Spanish, so maybe we will need some help with translating and getting paperwork done.
- I am not sure how the registration process goes, do we need any permanent address in Colombia? Help!
- We found a few car candidates in Bogota and we believe that Bogota would be a good place (access to shops) to build the camper vehicle.
- We would need some budget accommodation where we can stay during the time of the building (maybe 3-4 weeks for getting the car, doing paperwork and building the camper). Any suggestions? We can stay at different places during this time period.
- Most likely the car will need an oil change and maybe some other maintenance work. I assume I have the tools I need, but I would need a space where I can do the maintenance.

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