Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grand Junction, Colorado - Moran, Wyoming (topless vegan girl walks through time) 23.-26.Sept.2014

When we arrived at Uli's house, it was almost like coming home. We knew where things were, how to operate the set of remote controls, Ludi welcomed us heavily and when I opened my PC it connected instantly to the internet :)

We spent a few days at Uli and used the time mostly in writing our blog, making the videos and relaxing. My coffee addiction became obvious and besides that I cannot remember how many episodes of Star Trek – Next generation I watched :D
Those (cute) worms ate the entire tree within the few days we were gone.
Ludi wanted to be close to his "new mom-sitter" :D
I checked my bike for any damages but I could not find anything serious. The GPS display suffered and it has now several dark spots :( The Suzi got new tires for front and back. Those Heidenau lasted very long – the front was on the bike ever since we left Finland (lasted 45000 km) and the back tire was mounted in Spain (lasted 25000 km).
Back with new tires for Skippy.
Well, we stayed a day longer because Skippy felt a bit flu'ish. More coffee and Star Trek for me - I loved it ;) (BTW I forgot to mention earlier that Sprouts had two kinds of vegan muffins - oh they were sooo tasty!). 
We left Grand Junction and rode first through the Colorado National Monument. Very scenic road with canyon after canyon and it was difficult to focus on the road. The remaining of the road all the way to Dinosaur was mostly boring. Well, we did see the mountains now from the other side ;)

Beautiful views in Colorado National Monument:

A few impressions from the Trail Through Time (near Colorado/Utah border nearby I-70).
Lyra and Ulpu sought shade.
Real dinosaur fossil.
Amazing nature.
Do you find our bikes?
It was HOT and walking in straight sun was additional cause that Skippy went topless :D
The campground in Dinosaur did not look inviting at all, the Terrace motel had a big fat sign “no pets” hanging there and so we went to HiVU (I am not sure whether that was the name of the motel) – 40USD per night cash and dogs for free!
40USD/night - our cheapest motel in North-America up to now!
Looked shaky from outside - all fine from the inside.
Plenty of saurus- street names in the village of Dinosaur :)
Next morning to Dinosaur National Monument...

Fossils, where ever you look.
Wolfi touched a dinosaur's bone :-o

The ride to Rock Springs was somewhat monotonuous not as bad as Nebraska but getting close to it. The Koa Campground did not look at all inviting. All tent space was in direct sun light no shade and no fun. We ended up in Motel 6 and I got a discount because I was so old – imagine that! Well I did not care, whenever a room got cheaper I am happy.
Somewhere along the road (Hwy 191)
Break at Aspen trail.
Caught :)
Beautiful autumn colors.
Juniper berry bushes - Juniper berries make a good spice :)
Happy Skippy :)
A bit later ...
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Nice looking flowers, but they stunk so much  that I almost fainted!
The road to South Pass was really boring – very close to Nebraska style! We stopped at South Pass City only to realize that it was not a ghost town (somehow I got that impression from reading article in the internet) and the officials even wanted an admission fee. No thanks. I checked with Skippy whether she would be up for the 100km of gravel road to Pinedale. I think she had a bad day since she was all grumpy. Furthermore she did not get enthusiastic about that idea of riding a gravel road. We went to Lander instead.
South Pass Overlook.
South Pass City.
The search for accommodation felt really difficult this time. Campground was once more all in sun, the first motels charged 10USD/pet extra, the next place was fully booked, then there was nobody at reception and also in the next place where I left after waiting for 15min that somebody showed up (which did not happen). The last motel of the town was too expensive for our budget. Those are the moments in our life where I get really frustrated. After riding a day in hot weather, searching for accommodation and grumbling from Skippy instead of support! (Because Wolfi can't drive according to the traffic signs! - claims Skippy ... and she does not get that I have only one pair of eyes )

In the end we went back to motel #4, as finally there was somebody at reception. It was yet unbelievable how disorganized one can be. Of course there are zillions of disorganized people in this world but they typically do not run a motel. After intensive(!) search, the lady found a room which was non-smoking and had one bed. Once I entered the room there were two beds – who figured? I really did not get that logic, neither did I care as I was dead-tired both mentally and physically.

Since we did not know where we will end up the next night we did our grocery shopping in Lander. When we entered Safeway one guy came to us and asked us whether we were the ones from ADV-rider? I was really confused ... yeah I am on ADV-rider, so are thousands of other people. We were already used to it that people recognize our bikes especially my sidecar but this??? We really felt like celebrities and that boosted our morning energy sky high. In all this mysterious moment I forgot to ask the guy's name, so whenever you read this – please say hello :) we were really overwhelmed by the moment. Thanks!

The riding was rather boring for the first hundred kilometer and after that the route became a little more scenic not too much though. In the morning before we left, I checked for motels and had to realize that Tetons/Yellowstone was not for budget travelers. The weather forecast promised once more low temperature during the night of about +5C which meant that it would be in reality freezing again, so camping was out of question.
Impressions during another break ...
... :)
We rode over the scenic Togwotee Pass and enjoyed to see the Grand Teton. The next motel was the Hatchet Resort and they had a room for us in their hostel. Not cheap for what you get (room with shared bathroom) plus there was a 25USD pet fee (even the internet would have cost extra!). Well, I knew what to expect in the next villages so we decided to stay and swallow the price. The scenery was really nice; great for hiking, jogging and being close to nature.
Rude parking. I wanted to take one picture, Skippy wanted a break :D
Grand Tetons on the left side. A prescribed forest fire on the left half of the pic.
Interesting way to deal with road closure. Better have enough gas with during winter!
yep ... sure ... no worries ... we still have not heard that a bear attacked a vegan ;) Anyways, Skippy had an evening run all alone here in the sunset....
Spooky looking sky - better get back to hotel ...
Our track - about 870km

~ Wolfi

P.S. if you miss our travelogues let us know! :)


  1. "P.S. if you miss our travelogues let us know! :)"

    Yes...I like the little videos and music.

  2. I have stayed at the Hatchet Resort Hotel twice and they were always really nice to us. BUT, we were not as tight on a budget as you are and could afford the nice rooms.
    Not too many choices up there. If you would have gone another ten (or so) miles west, there's a National Forest Service campground about three miles off the right side of the highway on a pretty lake, but like you said, it may have been a bit too cold.
    Mexico was great!

    1. And there was a campground just besides the resort, but with that rain and freezing in night, tent camping is no fun.
      Good to hear that Mexico was great. You had good timing before the next hurricane comes. Say hi to Ludi and Cindy ;)

  3. Yes, I watch all the travelogues.