Friday, September 12, 2014

Silt - Grand Junction Aug 28th - Sep 3rd 2014

The following day we went to see a vet - Rebecca - because of Lyra. She had had some problems with her back legs and we could not identify ourselves what it could be. Rebecca did not find anything serious and thought Lyra might have beginning of arthritis. Well we got some medication to see whether that would help. We will see.

Somewhere along the road before Grand Mesa.

We were done early and this would be a short riding day. To avoid that issue and not to be too early at Uli's place we rode via Grand Mesa. Beautiful roads through the forest and fantastic views into the valley, until we reached the clouds or better said the soup. The fog was in some places so thick that I could not see Skippy riding in front of me – maybe 10m visibility.

Driving through soup.

The great view to the valley :)
It was also pretty chilly up there and wet. We tried to catch the few sun beams which came through the cloud layer when we had a break. We rode through Delta and continued on HWY 50 north towards Grand Junction. What a difference in temperature and landscape. In the valley it was hot and dry and no tree in sight. We stopped somewhere along the highway and stripped all warm clothes off :)

Break nearby Delta.
Uli welcomed us with an open heart. Our girls and Uli's dog Ludwig got along right away – a big relief. We did not know how long we would stay here. Plenty of things to organize and several posts to publish including the travelogues. Uli showed us Grand Junction downtown with the Farmers Market and then shortly the Colorado National Monument.

Funny art in Grand Junction downtown.
Skippy was shopping for peaches.

 A few impressions from Colorado National Monument:

Skippy loves the heights! (the place appeared to be known for successful suicides)

We got to talk to a few neighbors and we thank one person very much for generous contribution!

Uli made some plans for us and Sunday was a hiking day southwest of Red Mountain Pass together with his girlfriend Cindy. We climbed up the hills with his off-road vehicle and then had a nice walk around Porphyry Lake in the Porphyry Basin. Our girls loved it and even Hertta lost all her senses, which resulted in the fact that she had a big blister on her paw in the afternoon.

Skippy got new pants...

... and a few stickers :)
Great selections of organic produce at local Sprouts! Fruitarian heaven :D

Wolfi's beer collection!
Ludvig & Lyra.

My Finnish girls enjoying the snow!
Porphyry Lake

Lyra loved the place and was heavily trying to catch some Pika.

Pika's food storage.

Marmot having a sun bath :)

Yes, this area really reminded us of Switzerland, both in nature and in price level!!!

We had lunch in some Mexican restaurant in Ouray and they had a habit of pinning the tip money to the roof and then later donating it to some charity.

Unfortunately this "herb store" was closed when we got there and Skippy didn't get her Alien-medicine :( Have to go there at some other time...

There was also some bike maintenance to do, but first there was the idea to ride White Rim Trail with my sidecar :)

Our track.

A short travelogue by Skippy, should be visible in all countries!

 - Wolfi


  1. I can't watch this travelogues anymore, not this one and not the one before. Following you from Germany since a while.

    1. Howdy and greetings to Germany, is it so that you have technical problems to watch our travelogues or more "mental issues" :D

  2. Mentally I am OK ;-) with your Videos. It is just if I click on the white screen it just remains a white screen and nothing happens.

    1. OK - great to hear that there are "only" technical problems. I will check why the new videos are blogged in D. Typically there is an indication if a video might be blocked and we did not see those anymore. I will see this week what I can do about it. Back-up plan is always to put a lower-quality version to vimeo. I guess that worked for you earlier.

  3. Yes Vimeo was OK, but if nobody else but me has problems to watch the new version I think there is no need to waste time on this matter fo you.

    Have a good time!

  4. This video is now also available from vimeo (see link above)!