Monday, October 14, 2013

From Kappeln (Germany) to Mako (Hungary)

I found a few pictures which I forgot to put into one of my previous posts, so here they come.

@Leo – eating vegan wok. Serena having fun with the girls :)
Staying overnite at Bad Pyrmont at my way north. The old people in their electric wheelchairs had a “hot” driving style ;) Amazing that obviously it is so warm there (also in winter) that they can grow palm trees.
It was Monday the 23th of Sep. and it was time to hit the road. My bike was good to go, Skippy did make her black-belt and we both had a good rest in Neumünster. First we went to Hamburg St. Pauli. Whereas a typical tourist goes there for all kinds of amusement, we went there (again) to visit a vegan shop which had plenty of goodies and some more dog food :)

Vegan shop in St. Pauli, Hamburg
We rode via the Teutoburger Wald (there we had our first Sauna since we left Finland – felt great!) to Kalkar near the Dutch border to get my rear-shock fixed. As this did not work out (even though I rode to Netherlands to visit the manufacturer), we continued towards east, got a little lost in “Thüringer Wald”, rode across Rennsteig and spent two nights in Ziegenrück.

Somewhere along the road, '89 feels like ages ago...
Nice walks around Ziegenrück... 
... the village (rather densely built)
And then  we found a place called PASKA (this means in Finnish “shit”, für unsere Deutschen Leser: Paska bedeutet in Finnisch “Scheisse”). That made our day and we had a good laugh :D
On a positive note, due to this criss-cross riding through Germany, I got to know it much better than at the time I lived there :D

We continued towards Czech ...

The Czech way: buy more then 25l of petrol and get a beer for free ;) (No chance this could happen in Finland!)
Happy Wolfi
Colorful village center
... where we had booked a cabin on the lake.
Our cabin
Welcome gift: 1.5l beer
Beautiful lake view
Lyra explored what is there to sniff :D
And fantastic sunsets
Romantic open fire place (also the only heating device in the cottage)
In the morning: 0C outside, only +10C inside and no more firewood, so Wolfi did make more firewood
In the meantime, Skippy took care of our monsters and trimmed their feet and faces. Cleaning after a walk was much easier now.
Slightly frozen at the morning of departure (-2C at 9 o'clock in the morning)
Then we made our way through Austria to Bratislava, Slovakia.
Outskirts of Bratislava - nice park where we walked our girls
Skippy blending into the environment :D
Strange bumps - like asphalt boiled once...
Vegan sushi at the Osaka Sushi Bar nearby the hotel...
... and a delicious dessert. We were totally full after this fantastic menu!

"Horny Bar" in Slovakia - Really??? ;)
Since we left Neumünster, we had mostly good weather – cool and sunshine. The trees along the road were shining in their autumn colors – a stunning view.
Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary

Having a break besides the road (looked like a dump side). A horse carriage came by to see our bikes (or the trash?). It felt misplaced to pull out the camera and take a picture.
Pippi Longstocking's house in Siofok for sale :)
Siofok, Balangton - Clearly off-season - all shops were closed
Cool looking trees in a park in Siofok
Skippy enjoying the morning sun in Mako.
What a criss-cross (fat red line) through middle-Europe :D
One topic occupied us for several weeks: do we go to Romania or not? We spent the night in Mako, only a few kilometres away from the Romanian border and the hotel in Romania was already booked. Skippy will tell more in the next post...

~ Wolfi

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