Sunday, May 26, 2013

Towards Müller-Gespanne in Brodersby

Skippy's Suzi had again starting problems when we left Poland. This became annoying and since Skippy was going to do some rides alone later on (to her Karate training), we decided to invest in a new battery. First I wanted to have a Hawker Odyssey, however there was no meaningful way to fit the available models into the bike, so we decided to become “modern” and bought a lithium battery from Shido. First, I thought it's empty – light as a feather compared to lead-acid. Well, again a few kilos saved :)

We spent Pentecost (Pfingsten) in the camping place in Flessenow besides the lake of Schwerin. The weather included thunderstorms, lightening, it was chilly, mostly wet with some sunny moments. On sunday there was a big volleyball competition on site and in the evening we were invited to join the neighbors on the campfire.

Volleyball tournament

Campfire (picture taken with Nokia N8)
Wolfi working with the laptop (again) ...

A typical daily delicious and healthy salad.

Delicious dark beer (and soooo cheap compared to Finland - heavenly)
Kids and adults had fun riding bicycle with sidecar (cheap version with two axes only)

We left on a cloudy but warm day and rode smoothly to Oersberg where we spent the night before visiting Müller-Gespanne for the sidecar changes. Magnificent and stunning rapeseed-fields along the roads. We could not get enough of these sights and they smell also soo good. Here a short picture rhapsody on those fields.
All the sudden the wind turbines emerged behind the rapeseed field
Around Brodersby
The view right besides our tent

More views around Brodersby
Girls having fun
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... and more fields.

Arriving at Mueller-Gespanne

Müller-Gespanne @ Brodersby
We were allowed to pitch our tent in their backyard during our extended stay and spread out stuff almost all over the place ;)

Rain rain rain and chilly
Skippy making food
It seems to me that the Finnish people were somehow able to export a typical Finnish summer (i.e. max. +15C and plenty of rain) to northern Germany. In the few days we have been here so far, we had plenty of rain combined with strong winds – nothing too pleasant, maybe a good practice for Scotland :D

Girls had to be in the extra thick sleeping bag to keep them warm 
We had also two (2!) sunny day during our stay and we enjoy them even more. Our dogs got quickly settled with Lotta, the guardian dog of the . 
Ulpu lost her toy to Lotta
I am not sure whether Lyra wanted to play with those cute bunnies or eat them? She had regular staring competitions with those fellows :D

Bunny - playmate or food???
The other one enjoying some fresh food.
Vegan sausages, potatoes and asparagus :)
Manner - one of my all time favourite waffles appear to be vegan - good for me!
Strandkorb life in the backyard
Many houses had a traditional roof made of straw. Looks cool and according to Wikipedia it shall last 20-30 years.
Houses with straw-roof
and another ...
... and still one more

~ Wolfi


  1. Moi Wolfie!
    Missäs menette kun ei ole hetkeen kuulunut mitään. Vai oletteko satteilta suojassa jossain
    Terv Ari

  2. Sateet jäi Brodersbyhyn, mutta niin jäi nettikin... Tässä lähipäivinä pitäisi olla taas mahdollisuus kunnollisiin päivityksiin...