Monday, October 29, 2012

Etelän Pystymettä 2012

In all those years I lived in Finland, I visited Pystymettä in 2011 for the first time (see some pics here). It was a true liberating experience. Inspired by this fantastic atmosphere and maybe a little tempted by the excellent weather, I decided to join Pystymettä also in 2012. The journey was a little further for me this time, yet still a peace of cake when riding a GS.

Another purpose was to test how my new sidecar SilberWolf is behaving on gravel roads. Well as it turned out, it was a test how to drive on icy and snowy asphalt roads :D ... none can do - cheers.

Some strange sounds started to worry me a little and I went to ask one expert from my local dealer. He confirmed my worries and told me that "don't drive anymore - your rear wheel bearing is gone". Well, its a known BMW decease but with 36000km??? Anyway, the bearing or the rear wheel drive needed to be changed (I bought one from a R850GS which had a ration of 37/11 instead of 31/11 of the R1150GSA).
So I decided to change the entire rear wheel drive and the taper roller bearing in the rear wheel drive (half was missing from the other one which I bought).

Listen to the difference in sounds:

Five hours later the job was done (thanx to all the hints from Guy!) - it was now 23:30. I was hungry, dirty and I still wanted to pack so I could meet Ari next morning at the agreed time. A bit hasty start ...

Anyway - next morning and I was welcomed by a snow-covered backyard.

Some impressions from the trip towards Pystymettä.

The streets were extremely slippery. Our small detour to try to ride on a small street ended almost in the ditch (like this other new BMW which had hit the tree). So we were doomed to go on the big roads. After Lahti even riding on those big roads became a dance with the gas lever. I missed my winterbike which has tyres with studs. The last 8km became even worse. One fellow biker fell and injured himself, so that he could not walk. As I heard later-on, the ambulance came and took care of him. We had even trouble to lift his bike - it was just sliding on the ice.

Finally we made it.

We found a great camp site providing a three-star accommodation.

More people came and it was snowing for quite a while.

Kari's bike with trailer.

All you need - puukko (knife) and cable ties.

This stunning sidecar lamp would cause heart attacks to any German TÜV personnel.

Happy guys - 30 years Pystymettä and they go for a swim each year.

Reijo  -can't walk without aid, nevertheless rides his bike ;)

Kari let me experiment the fish lens.

Dinner time.

The highlight of the evening - FEUERZANGENBOWLE.

Frozen-grilled pear and banana.

Modern times ... Pystymettä and facebook.

Electric toothbrush - unbelievable ;)

Typical accommodation (laavu).

Lonely guys need to have some fun in the woods .... when I understand it right the discussion was, what is the better lubricant? Gearbox oil or engine oil?

Yeah - and we had a few hours of sun light as well.

All sorts of vehicles were present.

Another case for the German TÜV (look closer at the sidecar wheel).

Lunch time here

some maintenance there ...

The night was again cold - it went down to -9C.

The swimming area.

Compared to last year, this time it was deluxe - with organized toilets and drinking water (be fast or it freezes!).

Next morning - ready to go.

And finally saying goodbye to Ari at Bemböle kahvitupa - the weather got better with every km we drove south.

I don't know how to translate Pystymettä - it is something what you need to experience. Welcome to Finland.

~ Wolfi

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