Thursday, August 23, 2018

Punkaharju - Kerimäki - Savonranta - Joensuu

I did ride most of those roads a few times by motorbike. I like to describe the experience on bicycle as more intense. The smells and sounds are even more noticeable. Besides that it got warmer again, no "hellepäivä" but clearly above +20C which cheered me up even more.

The area around Joensuu is pretty flat compared to before. I got really good speed and the last 20+km to Joensuu was even a bicycle way which made the ride much safer.

That was a huge fellow at least 10cm long


Cool wooden church in Kerimäki

Decaf coffee and Munkki

I always read "Saarland"😂

A typical summer cottage

Joensuu youth hostel - a room all for me😇

The answer to everything is


at the vesikioski in Joensuu

Then I dared to test this...

and had something healthier

I almost booked this option in the youth hostel where people sleep in the common room and kitchen area😵

Wow ... how do I find my flat

Susi & the wolf

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