Monday, August 6, 2018

Day 4 From Kaarina to Naantali

Oh yeah, I was in an optimistic mood. After a good breakfast I got me something softer for my butt.

Followed by a great tasting vegan pizza in Turku

 and some sighting around in Turku

Old Pharmacy building

Castle of Turku

Cool looking ship - nothing for me though ;) (see crossing the Darien Gap!)

Some Navy thingi ???

Found a great spot for my tent

... just besides a bicycle way through the campground? Was a little strange....

First aid fire fighting

 Surprise: no drinking water at the campground

So back to the city for drinking water... felt a bit like in Africa :D ;)

This couch was lovely - made for me to relax!

 That was a great day and I am all good and excited to go on :)

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