Sponsors & Contributors

We would like to thank all our sponsors and contributors to help us make our dream come true.


At this point I would also like to give big thanks to Elsbeth and Peter for building this fantastic sidecar. We appreciate your patience and all the thoughts for the design and the realization of the details (www.sauer-sidecar.de).

If you want to build a RTW-bike, you will need parts from Touratech (www.touratech.de). Excellent solutions and friendly service. Thank you very much for the discounts you gave us.

I have been riding Heidenau tyres already for a long time. Their durability and performance did convince me to choose Heidenau also for this trip. Thank you very much for the discounts you gave us.

I decided to install the Xenon lights from HID50 on SilberWolf. Thank you very much for the discounts you gave us.

We would like to thank Partioaitta for their discount on our various purchases on camping articles and outfits.

Only the best shocks for the Suzi - We would like to thank Hyperpro- Germany for their support and discounts.

Fernreiseteile.de - provides innovative solution as well as spareparts for all 2V boxers and some stuff for 4V boxers as well.  Competent, friendly, prompt and flexible service.

Globetrotter - thanks a lot for your help. Excellent service and huge product offering for globetrotters (well, as the name of the company says it all)

Butlermaps - thank you very much for the road maps. They are a great help for our future trip planning.

Kyle - owner of Moto-Montana - thanks for letting us use your garage.

Private persons

We thank

  • Guy for telling me details and tricks on how to fix motorbikes.
  • Jussi for taking care of our "bureaucracy" and stay in connection with vital institutes. 
  • Heli for storing the little stuff which we did not want to get rid off.
  • Ari for his help in organizing parts of SilberWolf.
  • Rudi for being there for us when we need him.
  • Kati - the best boss I ever had - for her understanding and support of this change. 
  • Mike for bringing the winch to Finland.
  • All our relatives for their supporting words - all from "Have you made already your testament?" to "Hey - you could write a book about this!".

Tracy B. and Kirk A. -  thank you very much for donating spareparts for the V-Strom after Skippy's accident!

And thanx to all of you who support us financially
(Ein Lied 2-3-4: Dem Spender sei ein trulala, trulala, trulala ach sei doch noch ein Spender da, Spender da ...)

Thomas D.
Stuart B.
Ismo A.
Kari W.

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