Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Messilä - Lahti - Heinola - Mäntyharju - Mikkeli

I really enjoy cycling through this beautiful nature. I get the feeling I am even closer to nature then by motorbike. I also welcome all the small sights for a quick stop, stretching my legs and take a pic.😇😎

Here is my collection from those 3 riding days in which I manage about 175km.

Somebody is actually jumping in this pic (looks like a dirt spot though)

Lunch at Meamanna in Lahti

and some raw cake for desert.

Yogi tea wisdom of the day😂😂😂

Thanks again Asko for letting me stay🙏👍😎

Some serious road damage - dangerous for any cyclists.

Art in Mäntyharju

Sleeping in the shed

A dry toilet

The drinking water I needed to get from the main house.

Sauna & " shower"

The shower better said wash place.

It was a beautiful sunset (the phone camera does not capture this at all...)

Vegan breakfast and off to Mikkeli

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