Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Day5 - Naantali - Rymättylä - Hanka - Nagu - Pargas

I had a pretty good and deep sleep that night. The sun was waking me up and there were only a few clouds. I had bought a watermelon for breakfast and I had almost all my stuff packed and wanted to start eating when it began to drizzle. I quickly packed the rest of my things and moved to the common kitchen.

Ohh that couch was so inviting. A quick check on the rain radar and it became obvious that it will be a rainy day. I dressed up for the bad weather, went to the village to fill my waterbottles and off I went.

Somehow the take-it-easy day did do some miracles with my riding. It was a lot of fun, I made decent progress besides the rain. At least it was not hot anylonger.

Ever since I had grapefruit at my salad back in Perniö, I try to have two of them during the day, they taste great, are healthy and juicy... perfect.

The riding went so smooth and accomodation in Nauvo was beyond my financial limits, I went on all the way to Parainen for a night at the campground.

And then I would start my newly created PlanB2 😉😂😇

got a bit crowded at Naantali during the evening

The archipelago around Turku

Potato street sale

This downhil got my brakes so hot they started stinking burned - not so good

On the first ferry

Waiting for the long ferry to Nauvo

Snack time

Quite a big boat

The water is so low that the rampo did at first not reach the ground, so they push the boat out of the water into the air with the hyrdaulic - WOW!
And now more of the beauty of the archipelago

Arriving Nauvo

Art along the road

My last ferry for the day

Really? The bicycle went about 7-8m higher then the street for some extra work-out :D

Arrived in Solliden Campground. WIMA in the back ;)

Met Achim and Anja from Trier. He had this kind of thing for butt and back comfort :) (Maybe next ride?)

Real easy ride besidesd those few extreme steep hills where I had to push my bike :)

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