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SilberWolf (BMW R1150GS Adventure & Mobec Enduro Cross)

SilberWolf Oct 2012

You can find more pictures of SilberWolf in the SilberWolf Gallery.

History & Repairs (not included the regular maintenance)

km Date Description (not listed: any regular liquid changes, spark plugs, fuel line filter)
30000 Mai-2012 Bought the bike
34000 Aug-Oct 2012 Sidecar added
36000 Oct 2012 Rear wheel drive bearing went broken. I changed the rear wheel drive to the one from the 850GS. Note: hold 12mm Allen key screw tight when tying the locknut!
38000 Mrz-2013 clutch Siebenrock; rear cross joint changed (overhauled used); new (longer) speedometer shaft; (abt 38000km: I lost some 2000km due to a broken shaft); gearbox overhauled and changed to long sixth gear; new rear wheel bearing and sealings; subframe new painted; installed add-ons: top case; day driving lights; HID50 Xenon lights; TT reusable air filter;
45000 Jul-2013 Polybelt broken, fuel quick-coupling connector leaking
47500 Aug-2013 K&N airfilter installed
59400 Nov-2013 new YSS rear shock installed
59700 Dez-2013 YSS rear shock broken
60500 Dez-2013 YSS basic rear shock installed
68000 Feb-2014 Rear swing bearing and rear axle drive bearings adjusted.
71000 Apr-2014 Left camshaft tensioner changed
73000 Mai-2014 Taillight replaced (melted)
79200 Jul-2014 Oil inlet cork leaking, 90degree fuel line quick-coupling connector leaking, front break (foot) squeeking (new pads and copper paste and it was gone)
82100 Aug-2014 Oil inlet rubber rings new (both), Fuel line replaced (return line from injection system)
93000 Nov-2014 Polybelt, re-used one brake pad for the other front brake (hand)
96500 Dez-2014 Disaster after riding on Racetrack Road in Death Valley: Trailing A arm broken, Rear shock starts leaking, Front sub frame bent, Exhaust muffler broken
98250 Jan-2015 Trailing A arm strengthened, Rear shock new seals, Exhaust muffler pipe replaced with used stock silencer, new clutch plate (Siebenrock), diaphragm spring new, new brake discs (both) and pads (front)
101700 Mrz-2015 Rear shock lower bolt snapped. Replaced with a hand-made one out of wood. The fixed bolt snapped again after 200m. Entirely new bolt made out of steel.
102170 Mrz-2015 Rear wheel bearing broken.
102373 Mrz-2015 Hyperpro rear shock installed
102980 Apr-2015 Ball joint at telelever sheared off, one thread at the fork-bridge is gone. One fuel line clamps was broken, another one loose. Also changed gear box oil and rear axle drive oil.
109000 Jul-2015 Right cam shaft chain tensioner replaced. Fast coupling for fuel line (the one which goes under the tank) was broken. Left rear blinker holder welted back (Jesse luggage mounting frame).
111200 Sep-2015 Rear wheel bearing (slightly) broken -> replaced
112000 Okt-2015 HID50 ballast low beam broken, Upper steering bearing broke, engine detonation "pinging" (rattling) problem fixed: noises determined due to bad fuel in Central America and especially Colombia - Wynn's Dragon Power used. Bearing bolt and bearing at upper fork bridge broken. Brake pads on front brake fell off from the metal parts.
113000 Dez-2016 Thread in the front frame worn out (most likely consequence of to the earlier broken bolt and the field repair), bearing in upper fork bridge broken. Pinging came back. got BMW engine cleaner but improvement is marginal. Left brake saddle bearings worn out. Replaced drive-shaft and final drive needle bearings. Inspected clutch and replaced rod (it seemed that it might help but then in some occasions I can still feel/hear a un-round movement)
115000 Jan-2016 Oil filter leaking, (while fixing this I did also use new oil), Oil filling cap loose (changed both o-rings), Rear shock both bearings changed,
117500 Feb-2016 Puncture fixed
119000 Feb 16 Rear wheel bearing (slightly) broken -> replaced
122000 Mrz 16 Hall sensor cable broken, Oil filter leaking (oil change), Sidecar brake disc/hub broken,
123000 Mrz 16 Ball joint at telelever sheared off, oil filter leaking again, input shaft bearing at gearbox changed,
125100 Apr 16 Rear wheel bearing (slightly) broken -> replaced (since last repair 1000km of gravel out fo which 500km really bad gravel)
126000 Apr 16 Two magnets were loose in starter motor and after attempt to glue them back the motor did not turn over anymore. Took parts from another starter and made one good one out of two bad ones.
130000 Mai 16 tire puncture and bump
131450 Mai 16 cable broken of blinker rear left. rear wheel drive bearing has some noises, changed rear wheel drive oil
132000 Mai 16 Rear wheel drive bearing changed. Some noises remain, so most likely one or both of the other bearings is also broken.
133000 Jun 16 Both front wheel bearings replaced
137500 Jul 16 All 3 bearings in rear wheel drive changed. All ten bearings in gearbox changed. New clutch push rod. One M10 thread fixed.
146000 Jul 17 right front wheel bearing defect, brakesystem holder bearings left defect
148000 Aug 17 Rear wheel bearing broken -> replaced
149000 Aug 17 Rear wheel drive oil changed - full of metal
149000 Aug 17 Rear wheel bearing (totally) broken -> replaced with already used bearing
150000 Aug 17 Another (4000km - so almost new) rear wheel drive installed (R850 same ratio)


km Date Description Rear Front Sidecar
34000 Oct-2012 Front: Heidenau K60 Scout 150/70 B17
Rear: 175/65 R15 Vredestein Quatrac 3
Sidecar: 175/65 R15 Conti Eco Contact
16150 26800 39600
50150 Sep-2013 Rear: 175/65 R15 Uniroyal Rainexpert 10650

60800 Dec-2013 Front: Heidenau K60 Scout 150/70 B17
Rear: 175/65 R15 Bridgestone BT250 (died 1500km too early due to puncture)
15200 25050
73600 May-2014 Sidecar: 175/65 R15 Toyo Versado ECO BSW M+S

76000 Jun-2014 Rear: 175/65 R15 Continental Contact Pro 9850

85850 Sep-2014 Front: Heidenau K60 Scout 150/70 B17 (might have been good for some more but not enough for next Heidenau dealer)
Rear: Pirelli Snowcontrol 190, 175/65-15 (for better grip on gravel, the old one would have been good for some more)
7740 32150
90000 Oct-2014 Sidecar: 175/65 R15 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

93590 Nov-2014 Rear: 175/65 R15 Aeolus SnowAce AW02 9410

103000 Apr-2015 Rear: 175/65 R15 Goodyear GPS3 8000

111000 Sep-2015 Rear: Sidecar tire swapped to rear wheel (the Goodyear got destroyed strangely) and a 185/55R15 installed on the sidecar. xxx
112000 Oct-2015 Rear: 175/65 R15 Yokohama
Sidecar: 175/65 R15 Yokohama (wear on sidecra tire was more than rear tire)
118000 Feb 16 Front: Heidenau K60 Scout 150/70 B17

123550 Apr 16 Rear: 175/65 R15 Continental ContiPremium Contact 2 (one side below legal limits)
Sidecar: 175/65 R15 Continental ContiPremium Contact 2 (maybe still 2000km before legal limits hit, maybe not)
132840 Jun 16 Rear: Apollo Alnac 4G All Season 175/65-15
Sidecar: Apollo Alnac 4G All Season 175/65-15

Technische Daten SilberWolf

BMW R1150GS Adventure
modifizierter (gekürzter) Mobec Enduro Cross mit Einstiegsklappe und Zwischenboden
Seitenwagenrahmen und Hilfsrahmen: modifizierter Sauer Enduro, Sauer Schräglenker-Langschwingenfahrwerk
geschobene (stufenlos im Nachlauf verstellbar)
390 mm
24 mm
32 mm
1738 mm
1305 mm
391 kg
Zul. Gesamtgewicht
800 kg


Stossdämpfer Bilstein Gasdruckdämpfer GV340, Federstärke 8.5mm progressiv, Zug- und Druckstufe verstellbar
Hyperpro, Feder 1920, Zugstufe verstellbar
Bilstein Gasdruckdämpfer GV325 Federstärke 9.0mm linear, Federverstellung per Handrad 20mm

(original BMW)

175/65 R15
175/65 R15

4.00 x 17 BMW Hinterradfelge und Vorderradnarbe
EVS Solid Verbundrad 6.0x15
EZS Solid Verbundrad 5.5x15
Bremsscheiben und Beläge

Original BMW, Bremskolben versetzt
Original BMW
VAG Golf I, Brembo P32B links, gold, Lucas MCB 075RQ
Die Handbremse wirkt auf eine vordere Bremszange und eine Zange am Seitenwagen. Die Fussbremse wirkt auf alle drei Bremsen (vorne auf die zweite Scheibe und am Seitenwagen auf die zweite Zange an der selben Scheibe). Der Druck auf die Hinterradbremse kann über ein Ventil eingestellt werden.
Das BMW ABS system wurde entfernt.
Orignal BMW
Nissin, 17,5mm Honda GL1800
16-stufig einstellbar
7,5 - 10l/100km
30l und 10l Reservekanister
Gesamt ca. 550l
2 x Zarges, #40837 (Seitenwagen) – 232l (2 x 116l)
1 x Zarges, #40678 (Topcase) – 60l 
Odyssey I, Jesse Luggage, (Seitenkoffer) – ca. 105l
Touratech Tankrucksack  - 31l
Stauraum Seitenwagen – ca. 122l

Es ist komplett abnehmbar. Die Seitenteile und Hinterteil können wahlweise mit Fenster oder Maschennetzeinsatz gefahren werden. Das Öffnen geht per Reisverschluss und Drehknöpfen.
- Tiefgelegte Fussrasten (Touratech)
- Einstellbare Schaltwippe (Touratech)
- Lenkererhöhung (Touratech)
- Spoiler für Handprotektoren (Touratech)
- Windschild und Windschild spoiler (
- Ölkühlerschutz (Touratech)
- Scheinwerferschutz (Touratech)
- Aufgepolsterte Sitzbank
- Xenon Abblendlicht (HID50)
- Xenon Fernlicht (HID50)
- Wiederverwendbarer Ölfilter (
- Wiederverwendbarer Luftfilter (K&N)
- Ölfeste Kupplung (Siebenrock)
- BMW stock silencer (was: Remus Revolution)
- Endantrieb 37/11 from a R850GS
- Langer 6-ter Gang

 Here is some background on the decision which bike to choose and details of the sidecar project.


Suzuki V-Strom DL650

The bike is from year 2004 and has abt. 55.000km on the odometer (May2012). Skippy was riding the bike all the way to Costa Rica where she sold it.

Following extras, modifications & add-ons:
- Lower saddle (came with the bike)
- Jesse luggage Odyssey II (
- Givi topcase
- Watercooler protection (Touratech)
- Reusable stainless steel oilfilter (
- Reusable airfilter (K&N)
- Engine guard (Suzuki)
- Oil cooler guard (Touratech)
- Crash bars (Suzuki)
- Headlampprotection (Touratech)
- Barbies on the topcase ;)

Suzuki V-Strom


km Date Description (anything beside oil change, sparkplug change)
68000 Aug 2012 new chain + wheels (15/47)
66600 Mar 2013 cyl2 valves adjusted, scotts oil filter and Hyperpro rear suspension installed, Frontforkoil changed, some protectors installed, Rear wheel bearings changed
69000 May 2013 H4 bulb changed
72000 Jun 2013 Other H4 bulb changed
73000 Jul 2013 Hyperpro read shock leaked oil – repaired
76600 Aug2013 Brakelines changed, Scottoiler installed
79000 Sep2013 Hyperpro front fork installed, fork oil changed
88464 Dec 13 new brake pads rear disc

Jan2014 Lost rear axle screw, Lost screw at chain guard, Bottom protector two loose screws
97350 May 14 New chain and sprokets
103000 Jul2014 Exhaust pipe clamp broken

Aug 14 Major crash on loose gravel road. Check our blog for more details.
108000 Sep 14 New rear brake disc (EBC) and pads.
118000 Dec 14 New front brakes disc (TRW) + pads, new wheel bearings front, cable to blinker broken.
119000 Jan 15 Valves clearance checked and all are within tolerance. Rear shock new seals and upper bushing. Anti-freeze changed. Fork oil new 15W. Brake fluid changed (front and back).
sold it


km Date Description
66600 Mar 13 Front and back: Heidenau K60 Scout
88500 Dec 13 Back: Heidenau K60 Scout
110000 Sep 14 Front and back: Heidenau K60 Scout


Wolfi's bicycle

(to be added)


  1. good morning
    guten Morgen! we met you in front of Luis, Hamburg. back in China, we will follow your blog now. when you come around, and we are still here, we will try to meet you again. good luck! and keep the rubber down!
    Sabine + Thomas

  2. Hi! We camped next to you at Rock Creek Station! Good luck with your travels! I hope that you enjoy crossing Nebraska, we are unseanably cool for August! Be sure to try some corn on the cob, there are road side venders on the weekends with all kinds of veggies.

    1. Hello Bryan, Rock Creek Station was very interesting and thanks for the wishes. I like Corn and thanks for the hint. I will check it out when I can. Just wondering whether is the butter is served on the side ;)
      p.s. Skippy does not like corn anymore. Its too starchy for the fruitarian :)

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