Sunday, August 5, 2018

Day3 Teijo - Salo - Kaarina

It was a short night with crazy noises like thunder when the fishing couple pulled their kayaks back out of the water and without mercy over the gravel road. I got some sleep anyway.

The morning was beautiful, and after morning gymnastic and an oatmeal with plums I was ready to hit the road. This day would likely offer only a boring landscape, straight - yet hilly 😉 - major highways and plenty of sun.

This time I had my normal shorts on and it became a painful and looong ride. Now why was I doing this again? Are bicycle rides that nasty? Do I "only" need to get used to it? I had some entertaining discussions in my head😇. 

The distances to the next break got shorter and in the end I stopped about every few minutes for a break. Even more my cognitive abilities (yes, I do have some) were rock-bottom. I did barely noticed other by-passing bicycles, had some difficulties to understand other people (or maybe its the different slang😱😇) and overall was a bit shaky on my way.

One of the old km markers along the old Turku - Helsinki road (now road #110)

Hell of a noise, could hear from far far away. Anyway folks seemed to have fun while drifting through the curves.

Anyway, I think I will take it a bit easier tomorrow but then I cannot take it too easy without risking my goal. And BTW who cares about this goal anyway?

I booked me a room in a hotel in Kaarina without even looking any details. The thought of a bed and rest alone were delightful. A bed in a hot room was what I got and the bed felt great, almost perfect. I also enjoyed a dinner at the local chinese😁

Well fed, I decided to change my plan and tomorrow would definitely be an easy going day.

Total length: ca. 63km (my Geotracker app screwed up again)
The last 43km; look at that average speed 😱😱😱

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